3 Persuasive Reasons Why Visiting Boston in the Winter is a Must

visit boston in the winter

Looking for an urban getaway? Living somewhere sunny and nice yet you’re in the mood for a winter wonderland? Thinking of adding a couple days onto the beginning or end of a business trip to Boston?

Whatever the reason may be for your upcoming Boston getaway, we’re excited that you’ll be visiting our beautiful city despite the cold temperatures!

It’s no secret New England gets a bit chilly in the winter season, and the cold temperatures often play a role in dissuading tourists. But, because it’s cold, is exactly why you should visit in the winter. Boston is an incredible city, full of history, beautiful architecture, dynamic culture and much more. Imagine taking all of that in during the one season tourism is at its least busy – winter!

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Visiting Boston in the Winter

There are plenty of excellent reasons why visiting Boston in the winter is something we recommend doing, here a few:

It’s Crowd-Less

visiting boston in winterAs we hinted above, winter is the main time of year when Boston tourism is at an all-time low. If you’ve ever visited a popular destination during its peak tourism season, then you’re already familiar with the issues – crowds, lines, increased pricing, etc. Because Boston is brimming with activities to participate in and sights to see, you’ll be able to accomplish more and indulge more because you won’t be hindered by crowds and peak season prices.

Stroll through Boston’s many beautiful parks, such as Copley Square, without running into crowds. Take in a show at any one of Boston’s many magnificent theater’s, with a chance of getting good seats. See each and every one of Boston’s museums and other attractions for a much better price. Insider tip – if you intend to see quite a few of Boston’s sites, we suggest opting for the GoBoston card, which is a card that ensures entry into a variety of attractions for just a single price. Save time, money, and struggle!

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Breathtaking Scenery

Winter in New England might be cold, but it’s absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the brick buildings, sidewalks and treetops dusted with a fresh coating of snow looks like a postcard. Strolling along the street while snowflakes fall is a magical experience. If you venture outside of the city for a day trip to the countryside, the sights will continue to inspire and delight your spirit.

Partake in Special Seasonal Activities

Some cultural traditions and city experiences are only accessible during the winter. Ice skating on Frog Pond is one such example. Located adjacent to Boston Commons, the Frog Pond is a charming venue that turns into an urban ice-skating rink for just a few months each winter.

visiting boston in the winter

Source: Boston Sailing Center

For avid sailors, try your hand at Frostbite Sailing, a winter only event in Boston that you will never forget. Boston is known for sailing, but how many can boast that they’ve braved the cold and went sailing… in the winter? Not many!

Massachusetts is home to some of the best ski resorts in all of New England. Plus, if you’re visiting Boston in any of the months, weeks, weekends, between the holidays and Spring Break, then the resorts will be much less crowded. Imagine having the slopes all to yourself! A few ski spots that are less than an hour drive from Boston include Ski Bradford, Nashoba Valley Ski Area, and Blue Hills Ski Area. You can find a list of even more, here.

Sledding on Boston Common is a magical activity to experience while visiting Boston, and one that is only available during the winter, and of course, during or after a snowfall.

Bundling up and embracing the cold is part of the Boston way. One could argue that visiting Boston during the winter is more of a true Boston experience than any other season. Cold weather is what brings Bostonians together and what has developed the New England spirit over the centuries. Plus, Boston draped in snow is such a romantically beautiful sight, quite unlike any other!

We hope you choose Boston for a weekend getaway or take some time to explore before or after a business trip. No matter the reason for your visit, the experience will be enhanced by the hotel you choose. To be up close and central to all the attractions, it’s wise to stay in the heart of Boston. Copley Square Hotel sits in the historical and iconic Back Bay neighborhood and is within steps of Copley Square itself. A stay at Copley Square will provide you with the complete Boston experience, from the location to the decor.


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