3 Sensational Reasons to Visit Boston During Its Pinnacle Season

visit boston in the fall

The most iconic cities around the globe can be visited anytime, yet visiting during a city’s pinnacle season is the difference between an average trip and an exceptional trip. When it comes to visiting Boston, autumn is the pinnacle season. Today we want to share four examples of why autumn looks so fine on Boston.

Why The Fall Is A Great Time To Visit Boston

Dreamy Foliage

It’s no secret that Boston erupts into an Autumnal painting of reds, golds, oranges, and yellows every fall. People travel from around the world to catch sight of Bostom’s fall foliage; it is that magnificent. Simply strolling through the city will give you awe-inspiring views of the foliage. Take a walk through the Boston Common, glance out of your hotel window, or have a picnic alongside the Charles River.

A lesser-known tidbit about fall foliage is the how behind the process. What brilliant natural process is behind the autumnal foliage magic? During the warmer seasons, the trees are soaking in the sun and extracting nutrients from it, a process understood as photosynthesis. A leading player in the photosynthesis process is chlorophyll, which is what causes the leaves to appear green. The other colors a given leaf has, are there underneath the green we just can’t see them. Once the days become shorter and the temperatures drop, chlorophyll quits its job for the time being, and the green color fades away revealing the other colors!  

Refreshing Weather

Few experiences are more satisfying than exploring a destination with refreshing weather. It’s a deliciously freeing feeling to stroll through Boston sightseeing while savoring the crisp, cool temperatures of autumn. Don a cozy jacket, cute boots, and a little scarf, if you enjoy such accessories, and play your way through the city. No intense heat or brutal cold, fall temperatures create a playful, exciting city.

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Sightseeing + Events

Fall foliage and perfect temperatures, what more can one ask for while visiting Boston? Incredible events and sights to see, of course! Our third favorite reason to recommend Boston during the fall is the lengthy list of fun events to enjoy and sights to behold. Sightseeing is possible year-round, but because of the two aforementioned reasons, sightseeing throughout September and October is ideal. Head out along the Freedom Trail, visit the many iconic churches around town, and eat your way from one neighborhood to the next!

fall boston

In terms of special events, fall has them all (or so it seems). The most famous regatta throughout the entire world takes place each October in Boston – the Charles Regatta. It’s a two-day event that gets the city excitedly stirred up and brings in a wave of visitors from around the world. Also, it’s important to note that Bostonians are fond of beer; as a result, the city has a plethora of Oktoberfest celebrations for your enjoyment. 

Between the spectacular foliage, crisp idyllic weather, and fun gatherings around town, a visit to Boston during its pinnacle season is an experience of a lifetime! If you’d like further resources for planning your trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our final tip for you is to always choose accommodations that are centrally located. Boston is a walking and public transit city, therefore staying central will make your experience that much more ease-full. 

Copley Square Hotel is located in Boston’s heart, in Copley Square within the Back Bay. Our hotel tends to get booked up during the autumnal months, so we recommend booking as soon as possible! See you soon, we hope!

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