5 Compelling Reasons Why Boston is an Outstanding Meeting Destination

boston for meetings

A city famous for its key role in American history, tea, the Red Sox, and the world’s most iconic marathon, Boston is a city with many attributes and talents. One such talent, which is spoken of a bit less than, shall we say, the Red Sox, is it’s meeting and business capabilities.

From head to toe, Boston is extremely well-equipped to host any type of meeting or corporate event. Enormous conventions or intimate gatherings, whichever event type and size you need to execute, Boston is ready and able. While there are many cities which can boast state of the art convention centers or a newly expanded airport, few cities have the combination of attributes needed to fully support a corporate event experience the way Boston can. We’ve lined up every reason why we fully believe your next meeting or corporate event should be held in Hub City.

Boston for Meetings? Yes! Here’s Why

1. Accessibility

To put it plainly, Boston is easy to get to, travel within, and leave. By “easy” we mean the travel options are convenient and abundant, i.e. a range of prices. Featuring over 75 domestic flights daily and international service to more than 53 destinations around the world, Boston Logan International Airport is a breeze to fly in and out of and get to and from. The airport is merely three miles from the city, with simple transport options including taxis, Über, subway, water taxi, and bus.

Coming in and out of the city via train is also a breeze due to the two Amtrak Rail service stations. Boston is known as America’s Walking City because one can get nearly anywhere by simply walking. Not to mention it’s a beautiful city to stroll through. When you can’t, or don’t want to, get around by foot the iconic “T,” Boston’s public transportation system, is readily available, as well as taxis and such.

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2. Accommodation Options

Boston is a city of abundance in many ways, but especially because of its wide array of hotel offerings. The Greater Boston area online is home to over 35,000 hotel rooms with more joining the party each year. Hotels come in all shapes and sizes from elegant boutiques (such as Copley Square Hotel!) to huge international chains. This means no matter what your budget or preferences are, there’s the perfect solution for all. 

3. Meeting Venues + Facilities

Above all else, Boston excels at providing world-class meeting venues and facilities. Home to three magnificent convention centers, each boasting an impressive array of qualities and abilities. There’s The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), located in the heart of Boston’s newly developed South Boston Waterfront, less than a mile from the airport. Then there’s the Hynes Convention Center is the heart of the historic Back Bay located steps from iconic Copley Square, and is connected to the Prudential and Copley Malls, as well as a few hotels and the Back Bay train station.

And that’s just the convention centers. If you’re going to execute a smaller event, there are even more meeting venue options and all over town. With so many options, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the venue that serves your needs perfectly. 

The main thing to keep in mind is to try to plan in advance. Because Boston is so well-equipped for meetings and corporate events, many venues and hotels tend to get booked in advance.

4. Plentiful Dining

Genius ideas may be born at the conference table, but one might argue that just as many are born after a few rounds of cocktails and delicious cuisine. While the meeting facility is an important consideration of any meeting or corporate event, the array of dining options in the area is also key. Boston happens to be a world-class dining destination featuring cuisine and restaurant concepts from across the globe. From posh restaurants with fancy hors d’oeuvres to Irish pub dive bars, whichever dining or drinking vibe you desire at any point, Boston offers it. What’s more is nothing is too far away when you’re in the city, so getting to and from your hotel to the restaurant or bar is a piece of cake!

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5. Bleisure Destination

boston for meetingsNo one wants to execute or attend a meeting held in the middle of nowhere Iowa, for example. Not only is doing business in Boston seamless, but the city also serves as an excellent “bleisure” destination. Enhance the happiness and experience of your attendees by having your event in Boston. In doing so, attendees will be able to have a bit of fun in between work events. We’ve already mentioned how walkable and accessible the city is, which will allow the participants to head out for a meal, grab a few drinks, or maybe even catch a show after a day of meetings.

Boston offers so much in the way of culture, history, and entertainment, you may just find many of your attendees staying a few days extra to enjoy all that Boston has to offer. Happy and engaged attendees = successful meeting or event.

Now that you know where to host your next meeting and why you can get down the planning process. As mentioned, it’s also wise to try and plan and book as early as possible.

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