5 Flawless Reasons Why You Need to Visit Boston This Fall

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Without a doubt, there are a great many more reasons to visit Boston than there are not to. Since most tourists choose to visit in the spring and summertime, we’ve decided it’s time to let you all in on a little secret – Boston is at its finest in the fall. Summer has its attributes, to be sure, spring is delightful, and winter is downright picturesque during, and after, snowfall. Autumn takes the proverbial cake, though, and here’s why.

Fall is the Time to Visit Boston MA – Here’s Why

A Magnificent Explosion of Color

Treat your eyes to glittering hues of gold, vibrant reds, soft yellows, and the occasional deep burgundy. The color palette of autumn in Boston is spectacular. Since Boston is home to thousands of trees, the color display is all-encompassing. You can enjoy all of the typical Boston attractions with the vibrant backdrop of the foliage. Stroll along the iconic Freedom Trail with a more colorful landscape than usual!

The Back Bay – Your Way

visit boston maCrisp, Cool, Refreshing Weather

After the heat of summer, autumn sweeps in like a breath of fresh air. Boston is a walking city, and with so many incredible sights and landmarks to take in, it’s thoroughly enjoyable to walk through. We believe everyone should get a chance to spend a few days strolling through the city while the weather is perfectly crisp. There’s a certain excitement and lively zest in the air that is unlike any other feeling!

The Attractions Are at Their Most Enjoyable

Sure, Boston in the fall offers, more or less, the same sights and attractions as the other seasons. Autumn features the perfect blend of delightful weather and an utter lack of crowds. Enjoy the Public Garden at it’s most scenic without the summer crowds. Make your way through the shops and cuisine at Faneuil Hall with plenty of space. We could go on and on, but you get the idea!

Oktoberfest, Beer, and More Beer

Bostonians and beer go way back. Like before Paul Revere and Sam Adams. The first ever brewing license was issued by the city in 1630! Beer and October go together very nicely, and in Boston, there’s plenty of beer celebrating to be had. Whether you’re interested in attending one of the entertaining Oktoberfests, or you just can’t wait to tour Sam Adams or Harpoon Brewery’s, autumn is the best time for beer in the Hub.

Head of The Charles Regatta

visit boston maFor those who gotta attend a regatta, which, by the way, is a super fun event, Boston is home to the largest two-day regatta in the entire world, the Charles Regatta! This event happens once a year on the second-to-last weekend of October. This year the dates are October 21-22.

Autumn in Boston is a sensory experience. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and sensations of the season combine to produce an incredible experience. A bonus is that the prices typically drop somewhat once summer is over. As we mentioned, there are more reasons to visit than to not! A special little tip – choose a hotel central to your desired activities. Copley Square Hotel lies in the heart of Boston in the iconic Back Bay. Book your stay at Copley Square Hotel and enjoy the quintessential Boston experience.


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