5 Heartfelt Reasons Why Experiences Are the Ultimate Gift

There are a variety of gift givers in the world. We have the “I’ll give cash and let them choose what to buy” sorts, we have those who always gift something odd and generally useless, there are those who ponder thoughtfully about the perfect gift, and then there are those who insist on only getting their loved ones something they specifically want.

Experience Gifts – Something Anyone Will Love

Whichever type of gift giver you may be; we have a brilliant gift idea for you this season. An idea that will make the decisions on your part easier, and the gift recipient’s enjoyment upon opening most profound! What gift might that be?

An experience.

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Between Black Friday and every other holiday sale, it’s easy to get caught up in the material side of the holidays. What is a gift that will keep on giving? An experience. Here are five reasons why an experience is the ultimate gift:

You’re Also Gifting Memories

Say you’re brainstorming a gift to give to your sister and brother-in-law. Instead of a nice bottle of wine, consider gifting them a gift card to a nearby winery. Not only do they get the joy of opening your gift, but now they can make a date to taste wines and have a wonderful afternoon. An afternoon that will be a lifelong memory. At its core, an experience is a memory. By gifting an experience, you’re gifting a future memory.

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Because an Experience is a Chance For Growth

A new Coach purse may be pretty, but it doesn’t do much for expanding one’s mind. Not that every gift needs to be educational, but an experience can easily be fun, memorable, and growth-filled. Gift your college-aged daughter a month of yoga lessons. Now, she has the chance to explore a new movement modality, learn about the connection between her mind, body, and spirit, and possibly discover a  new passion. Experiences typically result in discovery, and you can take all the credit!

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We Could All Use Less Stuff

Studies show that materialism can lead to more anxiety and depression and less satisfaction in one’s life. We all have plenty of stuff, but many of us become too busy to prioritize getting out and doing new things. This is exactly where your gift comes into play! Give the gift of less clutter and more clarity.

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We All Need Motivation to Get Off The Screens

Let’s all admit it- we spend more time looking at Instagram and perusing Netflix than we probably should. Bringing a show is great fun, but it’s important to spend equal amounts of time not looking at a screen. You have the power to give the gift of less screen time! Buy your brother an annual National Parks pass. Get your Mom tickets to see the musical Hamilton. Be part of the reason why their necks are less sore, and their postures improve!

Gift the Gift of Travel >>

To Tackle The Bucket List(s)

Last, but not least, gifting an experience is a chance to help a loved one cross something off their bucket list. Purchasing a roundtrip ticket to Peru may not be in your gift budget this holiday season, but giving a flight or hotel gift card might be. Life is short; imagine how much more fulfilling it will feel to have helped your best friend hike the Appalachian Trail? Whatever bucket list items your friends and family have, we bet there’s a way to help gift it to them.

Do you have a loved one dreaming of visiting Boston? Give the gift of a Boston experience! You can purchase a gift card for a stay at Boston’s iconic Copley Square Hotel, centrally located near all of Boston’s major landmarks. Gifting a Copley Square gift card will ensure you’re gifting memories, growth, discovery, and happiness! Whichever experience-oriented gift you chose, we know your loved ones will be immensely grateful!


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