5 Perks of Staying at Copley Square Hotel For Boston Business Travel

boston business travel

With multiple convention centers and hundreds of conference centers, Boston is a significant business travel destination. Being one of the largest cities on the East Coast and within the nation, Boston is home to an incredible number of large domestic companies and even larger international ones.

Chances are, you’ve traveled to Boston for work before, or will be heading there sometime this year. It’s a common business travel destination, and the city welcomes business travelers with open arms. Few cities are better equipped to host businesswomen and men.

Boston Business Travel

Though there are hundreds of hotels and accommodations to choose from, not all of them are equally capable of serving the business sect of Boston visitors. Especially for business travelers that will be going to and from the convention center, there is a limited number of hotels that offer close proximity and business amenities.

The team at Copley Square Hotel knows the needs of business travelers well, and as a result, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more accommodating and efficient hotel to stay at for Boston business travel. Curious as to why? Here are five reasons Copley Square Hotel is a wonderful choice:

1. Golden Location

As referenced above, the hotel is ideally situated in the heart of all the major business activity. Specifically, the hotel is just a short stroll away from the Hynes Convention Center and the Amtrak station. It is also a brief walk from the Prudential Center and the T’s Green Line.

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2. It’s in The Back Bay

Boston is an all-around cool city, but few neighborhoods compare the iconic Back Bay. Offering a blend of historical landmarks, public squares and parks, cuisine, and shopping, the Back Bay is a hub of activity year-round. It’s also the ideal part of town to go for post-meeting business dinners, drinks, and networking. Copley Square Hotel sits right in the heart of the Back Bay, enabling guests to walk wherever they need or easily hop on public transit.

boston business travel

3. The Copley Corporate Club

To better serve the business travelers who stay at Copley Square Hotel, the Copley team developed the Copley Corporate Club. The Club was designed for those businesses who tend to send team members to Boston regularly. Being part of the Club gives your business access to special room rates, offers, and amenities. To learn more details contact here.

4. Nightly Wine Down

After a full day of meetings, conferences, and business endeavors, few things sound more relaxing than a “wine down.” Business travelers staying at Copley Square Hotel are invited, each evening, to join in the Living Room to relax, chat, and grab a drink from the libation station.

boston business travel

5. Intuition Experts For All of Your Needs

Not only does Copley Square have a team of front desk staff to assist you, but the hotel also features Intuition Experts. These individuals are there to intuit any needs you may have. You are welcome to go to them to request public transit routing assistance, make dinner reservations on your behalf, secure tickets for you and your client. Whatever it is that you may need to ensure your business trip goes smoothly, the intuition specialists are available to assist you.

Set yourself up for success by maximizing your time and placing yourself strategically near everything you’ll need. Location, amenities, and the personal touch of the Intuition Experts combine to offer business travelers a seamless experience.

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