6 Reasons to Take a Family Getaway to Boston This Spring

family fun in boston

Exuberant energy permeates Boston in the springtime. Once the final hints of winter have vanished, the magic of spring sets in, and it’s one of the most incredible times to visit the city. Surprinsgly, Boston is extremely outdoor-oriented, and after being relatively cooped up for a few months, Bostonians stream outdoors as soon as possible. There’s plenty to enjoy for all ages and interests; especially families!

Family Fun in Boston

For those of you contemplating a spring getaway for your family, we highly recommend considering Boston. A few days in the city will offer a lovely blend of culture, cuisine, and connection for all of you. Having experienced Boston springtime many times ourselves, we have a plethora of favorite family-friendly activities to enjoy each year. As you plan your trip, we hope you find this list useful!

1. Getting Quacky on a Duck Tour

All Season

It’s an exciting sign of the good weather ahead when the Duck Tours begin to run again. This year, the season begins on March 21st and runs until early fall. The DUCK is a WWII amphibious landing vehicle, and during your tour, you’ll be riding in it! The tour will take you all around Boston to many of the iconic sites, and by the end of the tour, you will have traded land for the sea! That’s all we’ll say, part of the fun is the adventure of not knowing!

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2. Feel as Elegant as a Swan


All Season

One of our absolute favorite classic Boston activities is to stroll with the family to the Public Garden, to go for a ride on the elegant swan boats. As you ride, bask in the joy of knowing so many have come before you; the swan boats have been part of Boston since 1877!

family fun in boston

3. Emulate Einstein at The Cambridge Science Festival

April 21-22

Few events combine learning and fun as effectively as the Cambridge Science Festival. One of the first events of its kind, the Cambridge Science Festival is a celebration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), filled with interactive entertainment experience for all ages, especially kids!

4. Throw Your Tea Overboard at The Boston Tea Party Ship

Re-create the infamous protest that altered the course of our nation’s history. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is a great time for both history buffs and adventure lovers. At the ship, you’ll be able to hear the story of that fateful night in 1773, be given a disguise, and then get to dump tea as you protest the awful British tax on tea.

family fun in boston

Source: bostonteapartyship.com

5. Savor America’s Favorite Pastime at Fenway Park

Families that enjoy watching sports together won’t want to skip out the chance to enjoy Fenway Park, one of America’s oldest baseball parks. Whether you take your kids to watch a baseball game or go for a tour of the ballpark, it will be an experience to remember.

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6. Whale Watching Cruise

Perhaps one of the most exhilarating springtime activities in Boston is going on a whale watching tour! The season to catch sight of the grand oceanic creatures begins in April and goes through October. You can hope to see humpbacks, finbacks, minkes, pilot whales, and the critically endangered right whales. You may also see dolphins, sea birds, and other marine creatures.

The only piece left to this incredible getaway is determining where to stay! Boston was designed to be pedestrian and public transit friendly, which it is, especially in the central neighborhoods. We recommend staying within the central classics: the Back Bay and Copley Square. Happy planning!

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