Banana Splits, Leo the Lion, and Augmented Reality: New at Fenway Park 2019

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It’s uncommon for anything to be trendy or of interest for longer than a few years at the most, but Fenway Park proves to be an exception. In its 107th year of existence, Fenway Park is as popular and iconic as ever. One of the crown gems of Boston, the park draws in hoards of locals each season, as well as thousands of visitors. Even people who are not Red Sox fans visit the park when in Boston to honor its rich history and culture.

Though most aspects of the park remain the same over the decades, that’s part of its attraction, after all, each season brings a few new features. As you make summer and fall plans to catch a game or two, or 20, at Fenway here are some fun and exciting details to look out for and enjoy.

Here’s Fenway Park News for 2019

Augmented Reality

Though keeping the classic aesthetic and ambiance is important to the Red Sox, so is staying connected to the modern age and the younger generations. One of the strategies to achieve both has been to implement augmented reality throughout the park. Using the MLB Ballpark app, park goers can scan objects and enjoy an interactive digital experience.

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fenway park news

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Banana Splits

How is it Fenway Park did not have banana splits before, you may ask. That remains unclear, but what is clear now is just how satisfying baseball becomes while noshing on a three-scoop banana split. Use your split wisely; comfort food when the game isn’t going how you hoped it would or celebratory food when it is. Other new concessions include brownie Sunday, lobster BLT, crispy chicken tender sandwich, Italian hoagie, and a veggie burger. The park now also features two breakfast items, a breakfast burger utilizing waffles for buns and the air-fried French toast sticks.

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Leo the Lion

The Red Sox recently made a multi-year deal with MGM Resorts. Part of the deal seems to include having the appearance of Leo the Lion, in paint-form, above the manual scoreboard on the Green Monster.

Slight Rise in Ticket Prices

On a less exciting note, the ticket prices have risen about 2.5 percent overall. The Club also introduced an additional price tier called Diamond, which includes tickets for the most popular games such as contests against the Dodgers and Yankees, which have risen about 10 percent in price.

fenway park news

New Restaurants

Not technically within the park, another new feature of the Fenway neighborhood is an array of new restaurants in the area. Enjoy drinking wine that is less likely to give you a hangover at nathálie, which serves natural wine. Savor a series of “adult snacks” at Fool’s Errand. Eat ice cream made with coconut-milk at FoMu (vegan). So many delicious places to try before or after a game!

If you’d like any assistance planning your trip to Fenway Park or Boston in general, please give us a call! Our hotel is within easy public transit of the park, and close by to other iconic Boston attractions such as Copley Square, the Public Garden, and the Boston Library. We hope you enjoy your Fenway Park experience and look forward to seeing you soon!

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