History, Highlights, and a Guide to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

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Boston is a city filled with museums, each taking its visitors on a different journey; to learn about the past, others to contemplate the future, and some to cherish the present. Museums are, by far, one of the most compelling reasons to plan a getaway to Boston and today we want to highlight Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is renowned worldwide and is the 5th largest museum in the U.S. Every visit to Boston should, in our opinions, include a visit to the MFA. We know there’s a lot to savor within the walls of the museums, so please enjoy our quick guide to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, to aid you in planning a trip!

A Little Background Information

The iconic museum located on Huntington Avenue featuring over 400,000 pieces of art, originally lived in Copley Square and featured 5,600 pieces of art when it debuted in 1876. Eventually, the owners decided that the museum was worthy of a bigger, more elaborate building. In 1909 the museum moved to Hungtington Avenue and hosts over a million visitors each year. 

Steel engraving Boston Museum of Fine Arts Massachusetts USA Original edition from : “Kings Handbook of Boston” 1883

Best Known For (What you don’t want to miss!)

Most museums are “best known for” something, and in the case of the MFA, it’s the impressive collections from the Dutch Golden Age, French impressionist and post-impressionist art, and Egyptian artifacts.

Best collection of Korean Art outside of Korea

First opened in 2012, the MFA’s Arts of Korea gallery is breathtaking and well worth a visit. Considering the MFA houses the most Korean art outside of Korea, a trip just to see the Korean Art is worth it! The gallery showcases 11th to 13th-century celadons from the Hoyt collection, pieces of lacquer and metalwork, paintings both Buddhist and secular, and contemporary ceramics.

Vietnam, Hoi An, Central Market, old coins

Permanent Exhibit of Ancient Coins

There is no museum in the United States, other than the MFA, that features a permanent exhibit space for ancient coins. This exhibit is a window to times past and is inspiring to see the craftsmanship that once was commonplace.

The Logistics

The museum is open Saturday through Tuesday 10 am – 5 pm and Wednesday through Friday 10 am – 10 pm. Tickets are $25 for adults, $23 for seniors and students, and youth (7-17) are $3. 

The museum offers a plethora of incredible events, so many that it’s challenging to keep track! Here are some of its main offerings:

  • Winedays
  • MFA First Fridays
  • The City Talks
  • Namaste Saturdays
  • MFA Late Nites

And so many more! Visit the website to dive into full details and offerings.

Spend Hours, Days, or Just 30 Minutes

Boston’s MFA is so vast and offers so much that one could easily get lost here spending hours or days on end. Although we highly recommend giving yourself ample time to take it all in, you can also pop in to specifically see an exhibition or piece of art. Also, you might enjoy knowing that it’s quite common for over-stressed students to stop into the Japanese Buddhist temple for a quick slice of zen paradise between exams. 

Whoever you are, whatever you’re interested in, and however much time you have, the MFA has treasures beyond your imaginings within. Be prepared to fall in love with Boston, the museum, history, other cultures, art, and the humanity we all share.

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