Bostonians Fervently Adore The Patriots. Here’s Why.

watch patriots football

Why? Why do Bostonians root for the Patriots? And by root, we mean support with an undying love. Yes, Bostonians are obsessed with the Patriots, they live, breathe and sleep Patriots. And for good reason.

It all starts with the name – The Patriots. So named in honor of the original Patriots, the group of men and women across the 13 colonies (but most densely populated in Boston) who resented the British rule. The men and women who ultimately carved the way for the United States of America to become just that.

The Patriots are more than just a team; they are a representation of what America stands for.

Ok, enough with the history, let’s get back to 2017. Aside from the name, there are an astounding amount of reasons why the Patriots deserve the Bostonians love and support.

Why Bostonians Watch Patriots Football

watch patriots football

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Initiative – Sure, many people accuse the Patriot’s of rule-bending, but as far as Bostonians are concerned, it’s merely initiative. A drive to push the boundaries of what is known into the unknown. That’s when growth happens after all.

Belichick – A coach who gets it done. Under his tutelage, since 2000, Belichick has guided the team to winning seasons nearly every year, six Super Bowl trips, and four Lombardi trophies. Not to mention his brilliance in responding to the media.

Winning Against All Odds – The Patriot’s know how to win. Bostonians support the Patriots through thick and thin, but being a fan lately has been especially gratifying as the team has been winning against all the odds.

The Great Underdog Story – Ever heard of Tom Brady? Duh. Ever heard of Tom Brady before, say 2000? Doubtful. Tom Brady wasn’t famous, well-known, or expected to be “a great.” In the eyes of the NFL, he was skinny, slow, and lacked accuracy. He had one of the worst combines for a quarterback. Belichick saw potential and ensured the Patriots drafted him.

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Tom Brady – The Patriots are an excellent team with or without Brady, but Bostonians won’t deny their love for the iconic Tom Brady. He’s supremely talented, he’s married to a supermodel, and he continues to help lead the team to wins. Superbowl wins at that.

Consistency – Brady was suspended the first four games of this season, and yet the Patriot’s still delivered wins. They are a team of team players, winners, and dedicated leaders. Individual players will come and go, but the Patriots will always be great because it’s who they are.

Belichick’s Molds – Belichick has already been listed, but he’s so talented a second bullet point is needed. Under Belichick’s lead, the Patriots are constantly changing their strategies to fit each opponent and destroy them. The Patriots become every team’s worst nightmare, which makes them every Bostonian’s dream team come true.

Team First Philosophy – The Patriots believe in something simple – the team comes first. End of story. Beginning of greatness. No one is more important than the whole, and as a result, the whole stays intact, always.

It’s a love story – Bostonians and their Patriots. We’ll see how this season turns out if another victory is imminent or not. Regardless of the result, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Bostonian pride and support will reign strong for decades to come. And it’s not just Bostonians; Patriot pride can be found across the nation and around the globe. With so many inspiring aspects, it’s easy to understand.

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