“Hop” Your Way Through Boston’s Historical and Delicious Craft Beer Scene

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Beer and Boston have a long history. Not Facebook long, but actually long. In fact, the city of Boston issued its very first brewing license in the year of 1630. 387 years ago, to be exact. A lot happens in a week, let alone 387 years.

It hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies the entire journey, Boston struggled through the American Temperance Movement, aka Prohibition, just like the rest of the country. During that time, nearly every brewery was closed down. But alas, beer will always prevail, and it did, and today Boston’s love affair with the liquid is stronger than ever.

This is the sort of subject best discovered for oneself while on a brewery tour or two! Thankfully, these days there’s no shortage of ways to taste, learn about, and explore beer in the Hub.

Brewery Tours Boston Loves

Craft Beer Haven

The craft beer scene has erupted over the past decade, and Boston has been at the forefront of it all. Boston features numerous craft breweries within its city limits alone. To get you started, here’s a list of some of the most notable craft breweries:

  • Backlash Brewing
  • Castle Island Brewing
  • Endurance Brewing Company
  • Harpoon Brewery
  • Percival Beer Company
  • Trillium Brewing

You can tour each of these breweries individually, go on a multiple-brewery-tour, or order one of the brews at a Boston restaurant or bar.

The Back Bay Your Way – Explore Copley Square Packages

The Celebrity Brewing Company – Samuel Adams

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Source: Samuel Adams, Facebook

Even non-beer drinkers have likely heard of the legendary Sam Adams. Possibly one of the most iconic breweries in our nation, Samuel Adams is definitely worth a visit next time you’re in Boston! The actual Boston brewery is the smallest, but it’s the most important. It’s where every single Samuel Adams beer, with the exception of the Boston Lager, had its start. You can tour the brewery – for free!

Hit All The Birds, or Rather Breweries, With One Stone

If you really and truly love craft beer, one brewery visit may not satisfy your needs. In which case, we highly recommend going on one of Boston’s famous Brewery expeditions! Brewery tours in Boston are fact, fun, and tasting filled. There are two main companies that run brewery tours, each offering something slightly different from the other:

  • Boston Brew Tours – Offers four different types of tours, Original Brew Tour, After Hours Brew Tour, The Sip of Boston Brew Tour, and Private Tours.
  • New England Brewery Tours – Takes guests to some breweries outside of Boston as well. This company offers daily tours, private tours, and even team-building events.

No matter how you decide to enjoy Boston’s bustling craft beer scene, we know you’ll have an excellent time! Because how could you not? It’s beer! If you are in Boston for business or a short trip and don’t foresee having time to go on any tours, not to worry, Boston beer is served in nearly any restaurant or hotel bar!

If you choose to stay at the iconic and elegant Copley Square Hotel in Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood, you will definitely have the chance to taste some local brews at the hotel bar. Book your stay, book your tours, and get ready to enjoy Boston and all its hopping glory!


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