Business Travel Made Easy at Copley Square Hotel in Boston

boston business travel copley square hotel

When it comes to business travel, there’s only one thing that truly matters: ease. Often business travel is quick, packed full of events and meetings, and there’s no time to waste. Planning out business travel ahead of time to ensure it goes smoothly can be a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which hotels are closest to public transit in the city your traveling to? Or, which ones have the perfect space for hosting business dinners or for after-meeting cocktails?

The hotel plays an integral role in business travel. It serves not only as the place where quality rest is needed, but also where socializing, working, preparing, dining, and everything else may take place.

Boston is a city that hosts thousands of business travelers each month. Though a relatively friendly city to navigate on foot or public transportation, not all Boston hotels are equally suited for business travel.

7 Reasons Why Business Travelers Love Copley Square Hotel

Copley Square Hotel in the Back Bay, though, is ideal for Boston business travel, here’s why:

1. Proximity to Amtrak

Many travelers make their way into the city via Amtrak, and the station is a quick walk away. You can literally arrive, hop off the train, walk five minutes, check into your hotel and carry on with your work.

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2. Near the Convention Center

Another facet of business travel is attending conventions, of which Boston has many. Similar to the Amtrak station, the Hynes Convention Center is also a short jaunt from Copley Square Hotel.

boston business travel copley square hotel

3. Business Is the Back Bay

If you’re traveling to Boston for work, chances are your work meetings, events, or conventions are in the Back Bay, anyway! The Back Bay is home to hundreds of offices, workspaces, and companies. Since Copley Square Hotel lies in the heart of Back Bay, you’ll be exactly where you need to be without any hassle.

Meetings Made Easy at Copley – Learn More >>

4. Intuition Specialist Services

Before or during your stay in Boston, you may need to find the perfect restaurant, bar, or entertainment for work purposes. You may need to know which bus route to take or where you can purchase an extra power cord. Whatever it is you need assistance with, Copley Square Hotel offers complimentary services of their Intuition Specialists. Each Specialist is thoroughly familiar with every nook and cranny of Boston and will arrange whatever you may need.

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5.  Dining, Drinking, and Shopping

The Back Bay is one of Boston’s most vibrant neighborhoods and features plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, landmarks, and more. Whatever you need or wish to do over the course of your trip will be within walking distance. Anything not within walking distance is within public transportation distance.

Spilled coffee and need a new shirt? Walk across the street and pick one out. It really doesn’t get more convenient that Copley’s placement in the Back Bay.

boston business travel copley square hotel

6. Undisturbed Fitness Regimen

Go for a run or use the gym, there’s no need to disrupt your fitness regimen while staying at Copley. You can take full advantage of the Morning Power Hour each day with bottled water, granola bars, jogging maps, and towels.

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7. Wind Down or Get Social at Cocktail Hour

Need to relax after an intense day? Or, perhaps you’ll want a social atmosphere to meet with a colleague? Every evening from 5-6 pm Copley hosts a cocktail hour at the libation station in the hotel.

Seven reasons Copley Square Hotel is excellent for business travel, and we’re still only at the tip of the iceberg. Same day laundry services seven days a week, letter-size paid domestic postage, and extended stay services are just a few more ways the hotel works to support business travelers.

We enjoy helping ensure that every business trip is one full of ease. Every service we offer is to better support those visiting Boston, especially the business travelers. Let us assist in making your next business trip smooth, book your stay and chat with an Intuition Specialist today!

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