Choosing Where to Stay in Boston Can be Challenging, We’ve Got The Answer

where to stay in boston

It can be a challenge to figure out which part of town to stay in when planning a vacation or getaway. Most big cities feature many unique and exciting neighborhoods, yet how to know which one to choose?

The Choice of Where to Stay in Boston is Simple – Copley Square

Boston, one of the most iconic and historical cities in the U.S., is packed with a variety of neighborhoods, each offering something a little different than the next. Since Boston is such an expansive city, the best bet when planning where to stay is to choose somewhere central. Especially if you plan on seeing as much of the city as possible.

One of Boston’s most central neighborhoods near many of the iconic landmarks and attractions is Copley Square. Here are a few reasons why Copley Square is one of the Boston neighborhoods to stay in while visiting:

Copley Square is Considered the Heart of the City

Not only does Copley Square look like the quintessential Boston scene, but it’s also the physical center of the city in terms of landmarks and location. The best way to describe Copley Square is that it’s the heart of the city, and after visiting you’ll see and feel why!

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History Abounds in and Around Copley Square

Boston Public Library at Copley SquareNamed after the painter John Singleton Copley, the square sits in Boston’s Back Bay and is in the center of the crossing of Boylston Street, Clarendon Street, St. James Avenue, and Dartmouth Street. The square is home to an abundance of landmarks:

  • Trinity Church – Built in the late 1800s, Trinity Church is famous for its incredible architecture. Its style is known as the “Richardson Romanesque,” and its considered a historical landmark.
  • Old South Church – Another beautiful historic church, this time designed in the Gothic Revival style, also in the late 1800s.  
  • The Boston Public Library – The McKim building of the Public Library is an exquisite building inside and out. It was created in 1895 and includes a spectacular central courtyard. A must-visit!

A Blend of History and Modern Luxury

Not only does Copley Square boast a variety of historical landmarks, but it’s also home to incredible architectural feats of the modern day. The John Hancock Tower, referred to as The Hancock, is an enormous building towering over the square. Built in the 1970s, the building is 60 stories and reaches 790 feet. It has remained the tallest building in Boston for over 40 years.

Just Steps From The Commons and Public Garden

where to stay in bostonA little urban nature does wonders to make a city feel fresh and vibrant. Just steps from Copley Square lies the inviting Boston Commons, a big public park, and the gorgeous Public Garden. You can perch upon a park bench in the Commons and watch all the people go by or take a stroll through the gardens admiring the landscape design. You may even want to go for a ride on the iconic Swan Boats – a Boston tradition!

Shopping Galore

Ever heard of the shopping on Newbury Street in, and around, Copley Square? A street famed for its high-end stores, Newbury Street is about eight blocks long, aesthetically pleasing, and will ensure you return home with a new item or two.


Imagine a place where everything delicious from Italy is readily available. This is Eataly. An almost department-like store, Eataly Boston is a down the street from Copley Square and will delight your every sense. Sip on wine at one of the wine bars, indulge in Italian sweet and chocolate, or sit down and order from the menu at one of the restaurants within.

Knowing where to stay in Boston just got easier! Copley Square offers the best of Boston without ever needing to step into a cab. For the utmost in luxury, comfort, and style, choose to stay at Copley Square Hotel. Copley Square Hotel is located in the heart of Copley Square and features an array of amenities. Wake up each morning, step outside of the hotel, pick a direction to walk towards, and enjoy your Boston adventures!

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