Sip Through The City – 6 Copley Square Bars To Enjoy During Your Stay

copley square bars

Boston is a city to savor, it’s a place to just be, a city to meander through without a packed schedule or agenda. At least, that’s how we recommend you enjoy it, especially the first time. Between the brownstone-lined streets, brick roads, and old churches around every turn, you’ll have plenty to drink in and experience without much of an agenda.

6 Copley Square Bars To Enjoy During Your Stay

One of our favorite ways to sit back and savor the city is with a perfectly crafted cocktail. But not just anywhere, a perfectly crafted cocktail in Copley Square. Copley Square is one of the most iconic areas in Boston; it’s central and features an array of Boston’s most famous attractions such as Boston Common. So, as you pack for your trip, you might find this guide to the best bars in Copley Square, useful!

Back Bay Social Club

Best for: Feeling/being trendy

As you might have guessed from its name, the Back Bay Social Club is a high-class joint. Aesthetically, it’s reminiscent of the 20th century. Located across the street from the Hynes Convention Center, the Social Club encourages business casual to business attire. Enjoy the extensive beverage list(s), vintage art, and plenty of sports playing in the background.

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Best for: Fun, wings, and drafts

In terms of ambiance and style, Whiskeys is the opposite of the Social Club, which we love. They are both fabulous; it simply depends on your vibe! For those looking to devour wings, burgers, and drafts, Whiskeys is the best spot in town.

copley square bars

Solas Irish Pub

Best for: A classic Boston, Irish pub experience

Known as the Back Bay’s favorite Irish Pub, Solas is a welcoming place that combines everything idyllic about Irish Pubs. It’s nestled within the Lenox Hotel, serves contemporary cuisine and classic Irish fare, and has a respectable draft list. Whatever the season may be, Solas’s is a go-to for feeling cozy.

Lolita Back Bay

Best for: Tequila

Sometimes, there’s no better way to savor a moment than with sips, or shots, of high-quality tequila. Lolita Cocina has over 40 different types of tequila to select from. Tequila is best paired with food, and the cuisine at Lolita’s is second to none. Pair all of that with chic decor, and you’ve got a recipe for a magical moment in Boston.

Pour House

Best for: A casual evening

The Pour House features three bars, no cover charge, and more than a dozen flat screen TV’s spread about showing different sports. It’s a great spot for inexpensive beers, tasty Bloody Mary’s, and an all-around good time.

copley square bars


Best for: History buffs

Boston, in general, is a city for history buffs. Every inch of the city has more history than most of America combined. Many of Boston’s bars, Irish Pubs, in particular, have been around for more than a century. McGreevy’s is among the oldest Irish Pubs in the city and is extremely proud of that fact! Enjoy the endless baseball fanfare and collections while you sip on your draft beer.

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