Dine Out Boston is a Mouthwatering, Exciting Event, and We’ve Got All The Details You Need to Enjoy It

dine out boston

There’s dining in Boston, and then there’s dining in Boston during the annual Dine Out Boston. Boston is renowned for its abundance of restaurants and variety of cuisine offerings; it’s one of the top reasons visitors and locals alike love the city of Boston!

On any given day one might crave diner food for breakfast, Italian fare for lunch, and dim sum for dinner and that would all be possible, and delicious, within the city limits of Boston, Massachusetts. Dining in Boston is an enjoyable experience year-round.

If visiting any given city to explore its culinary offerings is your cup of tea, then it will be worth your while to plan a Boston trip anywhere from March 5th through the 17th. Why? Because that’s precisely when Dine Out Boston will be taking place.

Discover Dine Out Boston

What: Dine Out Boston is a bi-annual dining event in Boston, formerly known as Restaurant Week. It’s a chance for diners to enjoy the delights of hundreds of Boston restaurants through a prix-fixe menu and set price for lunch and dinner.

Where: This event takes place in Boston, but not at just one, two, or even 20 restaurants, it happens in hundreds of participating restaurants. Too many to list, but you can search by neighborhood here.

Dine Well. Sleep AHHmazing. Find Out How.

dine out bostonWhen: This year’s Dine Out Boston is happening from March 5th – 10th, and then again from March 12th – 17th.

Why: Formerly known as Boston Restaurant Week, Dine Out Boston is a chance for diners to try a greater variety of menu options at new, or familiar, restaurants throughout Boston. Each participating restaurant has to choose one of the pre-set prices, which are either $15, $20, $25 for lunch, or $28, $33, $38 for dinner. This allows diners to focus on which restaurant or cuisine type they’d like to try while worrying less about the price. It’s a fun, relaxing, and affordable way to get to know the Boston dining scene.

The event is hosted by the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau and American Express.  

How: If you’d like to enjoy Dine Out Boston, it’s really quite easy! Simply plan to visit Boston, if you don’t already live here, and then visit the Dine Out Boston website for a full list of participating restaurants and their pricing.

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Each participating restaurant has something unique and delicious to offer, but to keep your Dine Out experience more streamlined, we recommend choosing a general neighborhood to stick to. If you intend to visit Boston from out of town, choosing to stay within the city will allow you to walk, Uber, or ride public transit to get from one restaurant to the next! Copley Square Hotel, located in the elegant and historic Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, is close to all the Dine Out Boston action. Book your stay at Copley Square Hotel today, and let your taste buds start to water in anticipation of the delicious flavors you will soon be enjoying!


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