Displaying Art and Supporting Seagrass Conservation

Copley Square Hotel has been renowned for its history, hospitality, and business travel capabilities. Located in the heart of Copley Square, the hotel has witnessed its fair share of Boston history while housing thousands of innovators, creators, and leaders over the last century. With so much creativity to derive inspiration from, the team at Copley Square has decided to feature something new this summer season.

Art Square Gallery Pop-up

For the first time ever, guests of the hotel, and the general public are invited to enjoy the Art Square Gallery Pop-up. The hotel recently unveiled its brand new intimate meeting space, Art Square, which features an annex that will soon be filled with artwork. Over the course of the summer you can enjoy strolling through the annex, drinking in the artistic wonders on display.

Kicking off the summer series is Ocean Life, a solo show by Boston-based artist Nedret Andre.

About the show:

Ocean Life will be the hotel’s first exhibit, and it is a collection of Andre’s seagrass-inspired abstract art. You can enjoy the show through September.

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Understanding the Theme

Why ocean life? Why seagrass? Andre is passionate about drawing attention to seagrass, and ocean life in general, because it is critical for the health of our planet. Our oceans absorb a quarter of the carbon in the atmosphere and acts like a sponge which causes the seawater to become more acidic. Seagrass helps pull carbon out of the water for photosynthesis and store it in its root system, making the water less acidic. Unfortunately, we are losing two football fields worth of seagrass every hour due to climate change.

Get to Know the Art

The color, energy, and interconnectedness of species is a theme that fascinates Andre, and which she has derived inspiration from to create her magnificent paintings.

Oyster Beds (pictured above) – This piece features clusters of abstracted overlapping shapes, which mimic oyster reefs, as oysters filter and clear out nitrates from the water.

Low Tide Scallops – This piece was inspired by vegetation and line work that mimics patterns on a scallop. Baby scallops grow on the top of blades of eelgrass where they are protected from bottom feeders

Art Square Gallery Events

Aside from the beautiful artwork on display, there will also be art-related events for guests to enjoy. The opening event will take place on Wednesday, June 13 from 5-7 pm., and will feature a presentation by Tay Evans, a Marine Fisheries Biologist who will discuss the threat to seagrass and the conservation efforts taking place. Andre will discuss her work and the importance of seagrass habitats.

Later on this summer, on Thursday, July 18th, guests can enjoy a printmaking and painting workshop with Andre. This event will also be paired with a presentation by Julie Simpson, a coastal aquatic ecologist with the MIT Sea Grant College Program. She will be highlighting the importance of the seagrass ecosystem.

Art, ecology, and conservation abounds this summer at Copley Square Hotel, and we are excited to share in the joy of it all, with you! If you are considering coming to one of these events, you may RSVP here. Additionally, guests who attend the events can also enjoy a special discounted rate at the hotel.

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