Eat, Drink, Watch, and Cheer at These Five Boston Sports Bars

Best Boston Sports Bars

It is not uncommon to meet a Bostonian who is a complete sports fanatic; our city is full of them! Not every city is fortunate enough to have a professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey team, but Boston lucked out. With so many sports teams, the question most visitors ask is which team to watch and where?

Five Best Boston Sports Bars to Visit

The world works in a system of supply and demand, and the demand for sports bars is high in Beantown. As a result, there are a plethora of sports bars ranging in style from the neighborhood pubs to sleek, high-end haunts with harbor views. Next time you’re in town, and there’s a game you simply cannot miss watching, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick list of the best places to watch sports, in Boston, in our opinion.

1. Bleacher Bar

There are some Bostonians who prefer to just head to Bleacher Bar rather than actually acquire a ticket to Fenway Park. The Bleacher Bar allows patrons to peer out of an enormous garage window, which features views of the field. You can expect pricey snacks and a robust beer list. Aside from the view, we recommend going for the pervasive exciting energy.

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best boston sports bars

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2. Cask n’ Flagon

Always atop any sports bar listing in Bostin, the Cask n’ Flagon is an icon of baseball bars around the nation. Bar bites, classically fried menu offerings, and, of course, an enormous beer list, are what you’ll find in terms of libations. In terms of energy, well let’s just say that on any given game day, it’s packed, everyone has had a few (or more) drinks, and the sidewalk patio is the place to be for people-watching before and after a game.

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3. McGreevy’s Boston

Nestled in the elegant Back Bay, McGreevy’s is acclaimed for its history, and it’s tied to the Dropkick Murphy’s and the Red Sox themselves. Once again, this is an enthusiastic baseball bar, complete with old baseball bats as lighting fixtures. Plenty of beer and food is available.

best boston sports bars


4. Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill

If a sports bar with a view sounds like the ideal setup, then Tony C’s is a great choice. You’ll be treated to views of the Boston Harbor, in between checking out the game on any one of the 32 TVs combined to make one enormous screen. The menu has most of the classic appetizers, with some special seafood options mixed in. It goes without saying that there’s plenty of beer on tap!

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5. The Fours

Though many of the Boston sports bars are designed for baseball fans, there are plenty of others that are geared towards TD Garden teams, and Boston sports in general. One of our favorite haunts near TD Garden is The Fours, which features an astonishing amount of team paraphernalia, included signed jerseys, balls, and old photos.

Whichever bar you choose, we know you’ll have a fun and delicious time, and depending on how many pints you order, you might remember the experience well. We hope you have a grand time, and remember, there’s no better way to watch a Boston team play than at an actual game! These bars are the second best option, though!

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