As if Boston Couldn’t Become Even More Dynamic… Eataly Has Arrived and Opened!

eataly boston

What can possibly be more exciting than a new year? Easy – a brand new Eataly, in Boston!

The jury’s out on which cuisine is the most popular of all time, but it’s safe to say that Italian food is always a crowd pleaser, especially truly authentic, freshly made Italian food.

Which is why everyone is so excited about Eataly Boston! Imagine a destination that combines every beautiful aspect of Italian cuisine – hand-made pasta and sauces, open markets selling Italian goods, casual pasta and pizza restaurants, fine Italian dining, and even private event spaces.

Welcome to Eataly, the world-renowned Italian superstore that first began in 2007 in Turin, Italy, and now features four American locations, with more on the horizon. Boston is the latest and greatest of the Eataly installations, and boy are we excited it’s finally opened!

Considering Eataly is a three-story Italian mega-store and features a wide array of places to eat and shop, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you make the most out of your Eataly experience.

We should mention, it’s simply not possible to fully experience Eataly in one visit, so you might want to add a few trips to your 2017 calendar.

How to Enjoy Eataly Boston

First Decision – stay and eat, or shop and cook an Italian spread at home

eataly bostonWith a distinctly European feel, Eataly features a giant marketplace where you can shop for any Italian ingredient imaginable. Or, if you aren’t in the mood to cook, then you can choose from any one of Eataly’s three restaurants.

Best Way to Explore

With so much to experience, discover, and of course – taste, we recommend spending your first visit simply exploring! But of course, there’s no reason why you can’t explore and taste. Upon arriving at Eataly just pop over to one of the stalls and order a delicious glass of wine and sip while you take it all in.

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Restaurant Options

eataly boston

Source: Eataly Boston, Facebook

As of right now, Eataly Boston features three casual dining restaurants, which are open every single day. Each restaurant is positioned next to its corresponding market section, not only to make it easy for you to go and grab the same ingredients to try your hand at cooking at home if you so desire, but also because the restaurants source their ingredients from the market!

La Piazza – Modeled after a jovial Italian city square, where friends and families gather every day for a bite and a glass of wine. The menu offers shareable platters of meat and cheese, including fresh, hand-pulled mozzarella, fresh oysters, raw fish, salads, and a rotating selection of cocktails, wines, and beers. Tables are first come first serve, no reservations needed.

La Pizza & La Pasta – Pizza and pasta, two of Italy’s most popular food items, and because of that Eataly features a restaurant solely focused on the two items! The menu selection is seasonal, and the restaurant is located steps from where the expert past chefs and pizzaiolo (pizza makers) create the dishes before your very eyes. No reservations needed.

IL Pesce – Under the tutelage of acclaimed Boston chef Barbara Lynch, IL Pesce is the seafood-centric restaurant in Eataly, dedicated solely to the sea and its food. The menu ranges from antipasti to whole-fish presentations and varies every day according to the season, fishermen and how the fish are biting. No reservations needed.

Plan Your Boston Getaway

More to Explore

Cafes – Eataly also features an array of Cafes, which are open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m, Saturday-Sunday from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Market – One of the most exciting places in Eataly – the market! Shop for every Italian good imaginable daily from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Tastings, Cooking Classes, and More! – The Eataly calendar is bursting at the seams with exciting events, and you can view them all here.


Eataly is located at Boston’s Prudential Center on 800 Boylston Street.

Plan Your Trip

eataly bostonIf you live in Boston, easy day! You can go anytime you desire, and you should because Eataly is unlike anything else in the city, and your taste buds will thank you for the experience. If you don’t live in Boston, Eataly is definitely worth a weekend getaway or two. Most of us likely don’t plan entire trips around a restaurant, but Eataly isn’t merely a restaurant – it’s a three-story Italian Shangri-la, and you can easily spend most of your trip enjoying its accolades.

After you’ve filled your bellies and warmed your spirits in the way only Italian food and wine can, we recommend relaxing in an iconic and elegant hotel within close proximity to Eataly. One such place is none other than Copley Square Hotel. Located within easy walking distance of Eataly, Copley Square Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel that’s been a Boston institution for 125 years. Not only can you walk to Eataly from the hotel, but you can gather all the Eataly insider knowledge from any one of the hotel’s team members. Visit Boston, dine and explore at Eataly, and relax at Copley Square Hotel – a recipe for vacation success.

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