Enjoy Boston to The Fullest With These Iconic “Made in Boston” Products and Concepts

made in boston - Subway Train

What does one get when historical significance, aesthetically pleasing urban architecture, and an immense amount of cultural offerings are brought together in one place? Boston, Massachusetts. Boston has been a destination for centuries, and it’s no small wonder why.  

Yes – centuries! Boston is one of our country’s oldest cities, and as a result has had ample time to make history, refine its looks, and attract millions of people to settle there. Yet there’s one more result of Boston’s age and accolades that we don’t often dwell on – its abundant array of locally made goods and concepts.

From the iconic Boston beer to the first ever public beach, Boston is the birthplace of many delightful libations and modern-day concepts many have come to know and love – within Boston and outside of it. Some products you may have already heard of, and some you might just want to try next time you’re in town!

“Made in Boston” – Here Are Our Favorites

Samuel Adams Beer a.k.a. Boston Beer Co.

Definitely one of Boston’s most iconic products, the Boston Beer Co. has truly paved the way for beer to become a key player in the alcohol industry. Beer and craft beer, is widely popular today, but that wasn’t always the case. Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Beer Co. is credited with helping the start the craft beer revolution over 30 years ago with his iconic Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Curious to learn more? Visit the brewery!

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Cape Cod Potato Chips

made in boston cape cod potato chipsYou know those delightfully crunchy, absolutely delicious potato chips that you often find accompany your deli sandwich? They’re made in Boston! Naturally, there are quite a few potato chip companies in the U.S., but the brand that makes up a whopping 60% of the kettle chip market in New England is Cape Cod Potato Chips. You won’t be hard-pressed to find these chips around town in Boston, many establishments proudly carry them! Though not directly in Boston, Cape Cod Potato Chips also offers factory tours!

America’s First Public Beach

The idea of a public beach is commonplace now. Anyone who lives in a coastal city, or visits one, has likely frequented a public beach or two without giving it a second thought. Yet, the concept of a public beach did not exist until 1896! Boston isn’t exactly California when it comes to warm sunny beaches, but it does boast the country’s first ever public beach – Revere Beach.

Necco Candy

We doubt there’s a single person who’s grown up in the U.S. who hasn’t received or given a candy heart or two. Those classic candy hearts are made by the iconic NECCO Candy company. The New England Confectionary Co. (NECCO) got its start in 1847, which makes it the oldest multi-line candy company in the U.S. Though it’s best known for the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, NECCO makes an array of candies including Thin Mints and Candy Buttons.

The Classic American Subway System

A little-known fact outside of Boston is that the classic American subway system we know so well today was in fact created in Boston. The Boston T was the first ever subway system in America.

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Bully Boy Distillers

made in boston Bully Boy DistillersA pair of brothers with, perhaps, one of the most compelling and heart-warming “beginnings” story, Bully Boy Distillers offers American and White whiskeys, Boston and White rums and vodka. Brothers Will and Dave Willis grew up on a farm, learned to make cider, then hard cider, and then discovered an old vault built by their grandfather. The vault contained pre-prohibition and prohibition era spirits, as well as an old plaque that gave them the inspiration for the company’s name. Taste their products around town, or visit the distillery!

These are just some of our favorite concepts and products that originated in Boston. There’s no end to the number of places to see and things to do in Boston, but we highly recommend adding in a brewery or factory tour or two to your itinerary! As you make your way through Boston’s restaurants and establishments you can keep an eye out for any of the products mentioned! A few others worth looking out for include:

  • Taza Chocolate
  • Dancing Deer Cookies
  • Hood Milk Products
  • New England Coffee
  • Ocean Spray
  • Simpson Spring Co. Soft Drinks
  • Polar Beverages Soda

We hope you enjoy these various Boston made products, many of which are served and featured in the iconic Copley Square Hotel, situated in Boston’s elegant Back Bay neighborhood. If you’re in need of Boston accommodations, few hotels compare to Copley Square!

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