Everything You Need to Know About Dine Out Boston 2018

dine out boston 2018

Some people visit a place for its incredible landscapes, others for its ancient or unique culture. Those are great reasons, but for some of us, the main reason usually revolves around one factor, cuisine.

Who loves to eat? Bostonians do! If you’re looking for a getaway focused all around eating, as much and as often as possible, then start planning a visit in March. Boston is already famous for its incredible array of dining establishments and cuisine genres, but the entire city kicks up its culinary game a notch for Dine Out Boston.

Dine Out Boston 2018

What is Dine Out Boston?

Formerly known as Restaurant Week Boston, Dine Out Boston is a two-week eating affair. Participating restaurants, across the city, design prix-fixe menus for lunch and dinner. The idea is that eager eaters get a chance to try out a variety of restaurants, especially ones they may not have heard of or visited before! The pre-fixe menu is designed to allow diners to taste more of the menu than they might usually get to.

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When is Dine Out Boston?

This year, the event spans two weeks in March.

  • March 18-23
  • March 25-30

dine out boston 2018

Why Visit During This Event?

If you love visiting a destination to, basically, eat your way through it then Dine Out is the ideal time to visit Boston! Sure, you can come any time of the year and dine at as many restaurants as you’d like to, but this event is literally designed so participants can taste more for less. Plus, you won’t be the only ones on a foodie tour, the entire city becomes a foodie tour!

How to Choose Where to Dine

Herein lies the true challenge! How on Earth to choose which restaurants to dine at? If you are visiting from elsewhere, it may be simplest to limit yourself to one – two neighborhoods. For example, if you choose to stay in the centrally located Copley Square area, then you can search for Copley Square restaurants in the search bar. For mouth-watering visuals, you can follow the Dine Out Boston Instagram account, which may also help you narrow down where to dine!

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dine out boston 2018

Where to Stay

Where to stay and where to dine are two sides of the same coin, in our opinion. Since Boston is such a walk-friendly city, it’s quite fun to be able to walk to and from the restaurants from your hotel. Therefore, get an idea of which neighborhood you think you’ll love! There are so many excellent parts of Boston to spend time in, but we’re partial to Copley Square and the Back Bay! Plenty of restaurants in the Back Bay are participating, and there are also a variety of excellent hotels to choose from as well.

We hope you enjoy your Dine Out Boston experience, and if you’d like further guidance on what to do, see, and experience in the city, utilize our Intuition Experts!

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