Experience Boston in an Entirely New Way, on The Water!

As iconic as Boston’s Charles River and waterfront areas are, it’s surprising how many visitors are unaware of the many incredible ways to enjoy Boston from the water. Now that the days are longer and the weather is warming up, exploring Beantown from the water is immensely appealing.

3 Ways to Enjoy Boston On The Water

Spring and summer in Boston are magnificent. Not just because of the warmer weather, but because the spirits of Bostonians are vibrant. Being outdoors is a must for locals, and getting out on the water is a favorite way to do so. We encourage visitors to join in on the water play, and here are our top three ways:

Quack Your Way Around Town on a Duck Tour

Out of all the various water-related tours and activities in Boston, one of our favorites is the Duck Tour. Both a land and water tour, the “Duck” is a WWII style amphibious landing vehicle that can hold dozens of passengers at once. During this tour, you’ll see the most of the city’s landmarks, each with an explanation from your ConDUCKtor. Eventually, the tour will splash into the Charles River, where you’ll have exceptional views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines.

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boston on the water

Search For Majestic Whales

Since Boston has so many incredible landmarks, architecture, and historical chapters, the fact that visitors can also go whale watching gets overlooked! But it’s true; it’s possible to head out into the sea from Boston and see whales in their natural habitats. You may even see dolphins, birds, and other marine life. On the way to the whales, you’ll pass harbor islands, historic lighthouses and more. Most tours are a minimum of three hours, sometimes as long as five. Learn more about whale watching tours here.

boston on the water

Cruise the Harbor

Made infamous by the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Harbor is worth a visit during your trip! You can check out the Tea Party Museum before or after going on a Harbor Tour. To understand Boston is to understand the importance of the harbor, and there are a variety of harbor tours you can choose from. Each harbor cruise has a different theme and vibe. For more of a romantic and exhilarating feel, opt for the sunset cruise. To get better acquainted with Boston’s history, opt for the historic Boston cruise.

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Those are our three favorite ways to enjoy Boston from the water, and we hope you have time to try at least one of them! Combing the streets of Boston is, of course, the classic way to enjoy the city, but getting out on the water is a complementary way to enjoy the city.

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