Experience The Beauty of Life Through the Extraordinary Lens of the Boston Art Scene

boston art scene

Boston is a city that transcends any single description. It’s a city with a never-ending array of culture, a culture that is ever-evolving in step with the creativity and passions of the people. As such, the art scene in Boston is ripe and ready for locals and visitors alike to explore. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Bostonian who consistently remains up-to-date on the latest galleries around town, as there are just so many to explore.

Boston Art Scene

For those travelers looking to sprinkle in artistic inspiration throughout a trip to Boston, we’ve got a digestible list of the gems of the Boston art scene, for you.

Graffiti Alley

Catch a glimpse into the heart and soul of many a local Bostonian by taking in the profound Graffiti Alley in Cambridge. A legal place to create graffiti art, there are layers upon layers of expression, to the point that it’s been compared to the likes of Chauvet Cave in France. Graffiti Alley is a celebration of the many cultural layers Boston is home to.

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SoWa Art + Design District

There’s an area of Boston that used to be defined by its neglected warehouses in Boston’s South End, that has been transformed into a vibrant artistic community. We’re talking over 15 galleries and more than 70 artist studios. The project was developed to support and encourage the artists and entrepreneurs in the city. There are regular events to enjoy such as the SoWa Open Market, SoWa First Fridays, SoWa Art Walk and SoWa Food Truck Bazaar.

boston art scene

SoWa Art & Design District | Wikipedia

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

We say this on a regular basis, and we will never stop doing so; the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an absolute must-visit in Boston. Essentially, it’s an astonishing private collection amassed by the wealthy Isabella Stewart Gardner, assembled in an extraordinary mansion designed to emulate the architecture of Venice. It’s an experience of profound beauty.

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Copley Society of Art

Being the oldest non-profit artistic society in the U.S, the Copley Society of Art has a long history of supporting and encouraging local artists. Over the course of a year, the gallery plays host to between 15-20 exhibits, ensuring that there’s always something new to enjoy when visiting. Each exhibit brings a new variety and facet of art, and the chances you’ll bring a piece back home are rather high.

boston art scene

Iris Gallery of Fine Photography

Centrally located on the popular Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay lies the Iris Gallery of Fine Photography. Exhibiting respected photographic artists, the gallery can be relied upon for consistently wonderful exhibits, which change frequently.

Galerie d’Orsay

For those art lovers who appreciate classic works and the works of the masters, the Galerie d’Orsay will steal your heart. Also located in the heart of the Back Bay, this gallery is a resource filled with the finest of the MasterWorks spanning six centuries. Your eyes will be treated to the preeminent old masters, impressionist, and modernist artists, as well as an international collection of living artists.

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Naturally, we could spend all day listing every artistic outlet in Boston worth visiting, but there’s so much to see and never nearly enough time! To explore it all, one must spend a significant amount of time in the city. Alas, art is always a decent excuse to plan yet another weekend getaway to Boston. We hope you’re able to visit a few of the galleries and leave with a sharper eye for the abundant beauty of our world. If we pay close enough attention, beauty truly is all around.

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