Headed to Boston? Here are Four Favorite Shopping Destinations

copley square hotel shopping in boston

Shopping in a big city is both an opportunity and a predicament. The opportunity is that there’s a plethora of shopping within close proximity. The predicament of going shopping in a large city is narrowing down where to go.

Four of Our Favorite Areas to Shop in Boston

For those of you planning on enjoying the myriad of shopping areas and boutiques strewn about Boston, we’ve got a special treat for you. Since nearly everyone here at Copley Square Hotel has lived in Boston for quite some time, we’ve narrowed down our favorite areas to shop in. From our closets to yours, here are four of our favorite areas to shop in, in Boston:

Charles Street

Ideal for: Boutique Shopping and classic ambiance

Beacon Hill is a pinnacle of Boston; it’s an incredibly aesthetically pleasing neighborhood offering plenty of classic Boston charm. Within Beacon Hill, you can enjoy Charles Street, which is a brick road lined with quaint coffee shops, chic eateries, and a wide-array of independently owned boutiques.

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Newbury Street

Ideal for: Those who enjoy designer labels and high-end boutiques

By far one of the more iconic streets for shopping, Newbury Street runs through the heart of Boston in the Back Bay. Close by to other iconic attractions such as Boston Common and the Prudential Center, Newbury Street is the go-to spot for designer and high-end shopping.

shopping in boston

Downtown Crossing

Ideal For: People watching, well-known shops such as H&M

Located at the intersection of Washington, Winter, and Summer streets lies a popular shopping area known as Downtown Crossing. Most of the shops are department stores, and all are within easy walking distance of each other. The entire shopping area is open to pedestrians only which creates a peaceful shopping experience.

Harvard Square

Ideal For: Finding eclectic shops, enjoying the atmosphere of a classic college-town

Like any traditional college town, Harvard Square offers an exciting blend of refined, grunge, and hipster shops. Chances are, you’ll end up purchasing an array of things from a cute top from Urban Outfitters to an old Beatles vinyl you’ve been wanting for a while.

shopping in boston

Your closets will thank us, your wallets, on the other hand, might not. We hope you enjoy strolling through some of Boston’s loveliest neighborhoods as you refresh your wardrobe! If you are still shopping around for central accommodations within the city, consider staying with us. We are located in the heart of Boston within Copley Square. You can easily walk to two of the four listed areas, and take a quick ride on public transit to get to the other two! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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