Going Beyond Hospitality, Intuition Experts Ensure Visitors Get a Customized Boston Experience

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When visiting a new city, it can feel overwhelming at moments to figure out what to do and see. With much to do, see, and experience how does one know where to begin? Of course, in today’s age there are ample resources to help arrange one’s travel itinerary, but sifting through the internet to do so is time-consuming.

Boston, Massachusetts is a classic American city and is brimming with attractions. Though it’s a fairly simple city to navigate and offers an excellent public transportation system, the abundance of choices to make can be intense! There are hundreds of restaurants, dozens of museums, and a seemingly infinite amount of landmarks to choose from.

The obvious solution to this dilemma is asking the front desk team at one’s hotel, right? As it happens, many Boston hotels parrot the same recommendations over and over. Few take the time and consideration to discern what each guest may enjoy most within the city.

An Intuition Expert is The Only Boston Travel Guide You’ll Ever Want

Copley Square Hotel is an exception in this arena and has recently launched a new initiative to ensure every single guest gets as much local sightseeing and dining insight and desired. Dubbed “Intuition Experts,” Copley Square Hotel now features select front desk staff as Boston experts. To learn more about it, we’ve interviewed Travis Carbaugh, the Front Office Manager at Copley Square Hotel.

Travis, what exactly is an intuition expert?

An Intuition Expert is a member of our staff that can predict and foresee all needs of our guests to be able to provide them with the best experience. The Experts are very familiar with all aspects of the hotel as well as the Back Bay area of Boston and all that the city has to offer. Each Intuition Expert works at the front desk, not just only checking guests in and out, but doubling as a concierge to enhance the stay of any guest.

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How did this intuition program get its start? What was the inspiration for it?

At Copley, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our guests. We feel the entire hospitality process has become too robotic in many of the larger Boston hotels. With the service provided by our Intuition Experts, every guest that comes to Copley Square Hotel receives a unique experience, a level of personalized service that few other hotels are providing. This has been our inspiration from the start and continues every day as our Experts constantly find the best, hidden Boston experiences for all our guests.

How do Copley Square Hotel team members become Intuition Experts?

Each Intuition Expert goes through a unique training process when they come to Copley Square Hotel. We have them tour the city and sample all the different cuisines to gain personalized knowledge of all that Boston has to offer. This way they have the skills and intuition to know what will make the best experience for each guest. Every tip and recommendation they provide is extremely personalized.

boston travel guide

Are you able to intuit what each guest may best enjoy doing, seeing, and experiencing while in the city? If so, how?

Our guests are a unique blend stay with us for a variety of reason. Many of our business or corporate travelers are looking to take clients out to dinner. The Back Bay region, where our hotel is located, has several outstanding restaurants all within walking distance.

Some are visiting the city for conventions or conferences; throughout Boston, there are three large convention centers. We also have a significant amount of leisure travelers looking to see the sights and historic parts of the city; all of which can be seen by trolley tours or guided walking tours of the historic Freedom Trail. There is also a vast array of shopping opportunities just steps from us at the hotel like the Copley Mall, Prudential Center and the legendary Newbury Street.

To summarize, first, we ask the guest questions regarding the nature of their stay and then work from there to consider which attractions and restaurants we feel suit their needs.

In your experience, how big of an impact do the Intuition Experts have on a guest stay?

Thus far, we have seen a tremendous impact on the guests stay and overall experience. From the moment a guest walks into the lobby, they are greeted by one of our Experts, checked in, and then asked if they would like assistance or recommendations. Many of our guests are eager to have our support.

We do anything from making restaurant reservations, purchasing tickets to sporting events and concerts, providing directions, to explaining how to navigate the T stations. We try to make the city feel like home to the guest even if they are only staying with us for one night.

boston travel guide

How many intuition experts are there at Copley?

Currently, there are five Intuition Experts here at Copley Square Hotel.

Is there an example itinerary you can share with us that you’ve given a guest based on what you intuited about them?

For a leisure traveler looking to explore the city I often suggest starting with the Old Town Trolley Tour. It is a hop on/hop off tour of the city going all the way from Fenway to Cambridge, and down around the Harbor. There are several opportunities for guests to get off at each stop to explore a new area of the city.

There is also a vast amount of history here in Boston. The freedom trail is home to several museums, monuments, and historic landmarks. After a long day of exploring there are fantastic restaurants just within walking distance to the hotel on Boylston Street, from fresh seafood at Atlantic Fish to a great steakhouse, Abe and Louie’s.

Boston also has several sporting events each week such as The Boston Celtics or Bruins games at the TD Garden. We can reserve tickets to games or concerts at any of the serval music halls in the city.

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What do you enjoy most about being an Intuition Expert?

Being able to take care of a guest completely, from the second they walk in the door, is an unforgettable feeling. Starting at check-in, as an Intuition Expert, I can customize and personalize every aspect of a guest stay. Providing that type of experience, and seeing the impact it can have on families, is the biggest reason I love working here at Copley Square Hotel!

Thank you, Travis! What an incredible service you, and the other Experts, are providing to Boston visitors. Thank you, again, for taking the time to chat with us, and we are excited to continue to learn more about the impact Intuition Experts are having on the guests at Copley Square Hotel!

If you’re interested in staying at Copley Square Hotel and experiencing the assistance of the Intuition Experts yourself, you can visit here.  

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