Italian Cuisine, Music, and Culture Combine to Make St. Anthony’s Feast The “Feast of All Feasts”

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Few things in life are better than the combination of Italian cuisine, live music, a New England summer, and thousands of people coming together to celebrate. All of those things combine to create one of New England’s largest, and most fun, festivals – St. Anthony’s Feast. Not that anyone needed a reason to indulge in Italian food and wine, but in case you need more convincing, here are some compelling reasons why this festival should not be missed.

6 Reasons You Can’t Miss St. Anthony’s Feast

1. It’s Got History

st anthony's feast


These days, few festivals have been around longer than a few decades. St. Anthony’s Feast, on the other hand, dates back to 1919, when Italian immigrants from the small town of Montefalcione in Avellino, Italy, began the festival! In the early 20th century, large numbers of southern Italian immigrants came to America, and many of them settled in the North End of Boston, bringing their traditions and festivals with them. St. Antony’s Feast is a time to celebrate heritage, tradition, and honor the patron, Saint Anthony of Padua.

2. St. Anthony’s Feast is One of The Biggest

Since its inception in 1919, the festival has grown exponentially, attracting more festival goers each year. It has become the largest Italian Religious Festival in all of New England. National Geographic dubbed it the “feast of all feasts,” and for good reason.

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3. Authenticity

We’ve all been there, to that little Italian restaurant run by non-Italians, with no actual idea how real, authentic Italian food should be prepared. Not good. St. Anthony’s Feast is the exact opposite. From Noni’s to award-winning chefs, this festival is chock-full of authentic and talented chefs, vintners, singers, and more. Every bit of the festival is authentic and delightful.

4. You Can Indulge in Every Italian Goodie

St. Anthony's Feast

Source: St. Anthony’s Feast | Facebook

Have you ever been to Eataly? Or even Italy? Better than Eataly, and perhaps the next best thing to being in Italy, at this festival you can eat, drink and experience everything Italian. Enjoy arancini, sausage peppers & onion, quahogs, calamari, pizza, pasta, zeppole, cannoli, and gelato to name a few!

5. Events Aplenty

Besides strolling around noshing on all the Italian goodies, there will also be exciting events to participate in. Ultimately this festival has a strong religious theme, and there will be multiple daily religious services open to everyone. The religious highlight of the festival is the ten-hour processions of the Statue of Saint Anthony through the streets of the North End. This procession is accompanied by devotees, marching bands, and floats. Festival goers can also head to the Filippo Berio Culinary Pavilion for cooking demonstrations and samplings. Live music, dancing, and open-air Masses in honor of Saint Anthony are some of the other events.

6. This Festival is Excellent For All Ages!

Not every festival is intended for all ages, but this one is! Take the kids to see the parade, dance with your sweetheart to the live singers, sign the group up for a contest, or head into one of the many daily religious services.

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A Few More Details

Getting excited? Is your mouth-watering yet? For planning purposes, it’s good to know that this festival is always held on the last weekend of August. This year, the official festival dates are August 24th-27th, 2017. The Festival will be held in the North End of Boston, on Endicott, Thacher, and North Margin Streets. The festival itself is free, but the vendor stands are not free.

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For more festival information, visit here.

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