Looking For a Meeting Venue in Boston? Copley Square Hotel is The Perfect Fit

copley square hotel meeting venue in boston

Some cities are made for leisure, while others are better suited for business. Boston, Massachusettes, has the pleasure of being the ideal blend for both, and as a result, the city sees a few million business travelers each year.

5 Impressive Reasons to Have Your Boston Meeting at Copley Square Hotel

Even though the city is equipped for every type of business meeting or conference, not every venue is equally ideal. Today we want to share with you a few quick reasons why Copley Square Hotel’s NEW meeting space, Art Square may be the perfect fit for your next business meeting in Boston.

1. Location, Location, Location

Boston is a relatively large city spread out over dozens of neighborhoods. The heart of Boston is Copley Square, which is conveniently centered between the Hynes convention center, Prudential Center, Boston Common, and more. Being located centrally within Boston will allow your group to easily walk or take public transit anywhere you wish to go. Copley Square Hotel is situated within Copley Square.

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2. Entertaining

Being able to easily wine and dine in the evenings or between meetings is an essential component of a successful meeting experience. Copley Square Hotel is in Copley Square which is situated in the Back Bay. The Back Bay is well-known for its delicious array of restaurants both formal and casual. Enjoy strolling, as a group, to the nearby Stephanie’s for dinner, or head out to one of the many nearby restaurants in the square.  

meeting venues in boston

3. Two Sleek, Modern, Intimate Meeting Spaces to Choose From

The New Art Square

It just so happens that Copley Square Hotel recently opened up a brand new meeting space, Art Square. Designed with intimate meetings in mind, Art Square accommodates up to 24 people arranged board-room style, or up to 54 arranged classroom style; there are 1,254 square feet to play with. The space is airy, sleek, and creative, letting in plenty of natural light and views of the city. The intention of this meeting room is to provide a seamless meeting experience with every detail accounted for, so that the meeting group can concentrate on what matters most. The technology and catering is handled by the hotel team, and the bright natural light streaming into the room adds to the whimsical feel of the property.

1891 Boardroom

For those teams looking to have an intimate meeting experience of 14 people or fewer, take advantage of the 1891 Boardroom meeting space.

4. Wine Down

When meeting at Copley Square Hotel, you get more than the standard experience. Every single evening saunter into the lobby between 5-6 p.m. for an evening “wine down,” our way to help you transition from work mode to relaxation mode.

meeting venues in boston

5. Our Team

Aside from location and amenities, perhaps the most compelling reason to have your meeting at Copley Square is that there’s no team as dedicated as ours. The Copley Square team goes above and beyond to ensure your every need is not only met but anticipated. Use the wealth of knowledge our intuition experts have to offer. Allow your meeting coordinator to suggest the perfect itinerary of events and restaurants between sessions. Trust our team, and your meeting will be a phenomenal experience for all involved.

We look forward to determining if your meeting needs are a fit for our meeting spaces. Take a look at our website, chat with our team on the phone, and let’s get your event planned!

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