5 Magnificent Summer Road Trips Around Massachusetts

Massachusetts Road Trips

There’s just something about road trips that is inherently romantic and adventurous. Why they go hand in hand with summertime is no mystery. Both summer and road trips are the ultimate expressions of freedom, the freedom to wear light clothing and move freely about the outdoors without a care in the world. Same goes for a road trip, the long stretch of road ahead, the option to stop and pause at any time, anywhere. Not to mention summer in the U.S. means Fourth of July and the celebration of the very thing our great nation stands for, freedom.

Massachusetts Road Trips You’ll Love

If you haven’t yet planned a road trip for this summer, what are you waiting for? Road trips can be as short or long as you’d like. Hit the road for a day, or escape reality for a few weeks, it’s entirely up to you. For those looking to be inspired by the summertime magic of Massachusetts, we’ve got a special treat just for you! Whether you enjoy being spooked, or have an affinity for waterfalls, our state has a variety of exciting road trips for all tastes and preferences, and we want to share some of our favorites with you.

The Scenic Route: Mohawk Trail

Length: Short

Let’s preface this by explaining that all of these road trips are scenic in part or entirety. The Mohawk Trail happens to be extra scenic. Known for its incredible fall foliage, this road trip is just as gorgeous in the summer months, with hues of green and lush foliage. Essentially the trip winds through the Berkshire Mountains and is an automotive expression of what was once a Native American footpath between the Hudson and Connecticut River valleys. This is about a two-hour trip west from Boston.

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massachusetts road trips

For The Outdoor Lovers: Natural Wonders

Length: Long

Beaches, mountains, rolling hills, craggy coastlines, glacial potholes, waterfalls… you’ll see all of Massachusetts most spectacular natural wonders on this road trip around the state. We recommend having at least 2-3 days so that you can stop as many times as you’d like to savor each wonder you pass. Learn all the details of the Natural Wonders road trip right here.

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Classic New England Village Life: Cape Cod

Length: Short

Breathtaking hardly begins to describe the winding circuit that begins at Cape Cod Canal and follows the contour of Cape Cod Bay all the way to the elbow. On the 160-mile stretch, you’ll be treated to spectacular vistas, historic landmarks, charming villages, and plenty of clam shacks.

Where Modern-Day America Began: Plymouth

Length: Short

It’s hard to believe America as we know it only began around 400 years ago, and that it all started at Plymouth Rock. As it happens, the road trip to Plymouth is both historical and beautiful! There are ample opportunities to stop at the seaside and take in the views or check out landmarks such as the Mayflower II. The drive from Boston to Plymouth Rock is an hour give or take.

massachusetts road trips

Looking For Frights?: The Terrifying Road Trip

Length: Long

Do you have a fetish for all things spooky? Being one of the oldest states in the nation, Massachusetts is chock-full of ghost encounters, haunted buildings, and mysteriously abandoned towns. This trip will take you all across the state, and though it can be done in a single day, we recommend turning it into a two-day spook fest so the ghosts won’t have to rush.

Don your favorite road trip attire, pack all the best snacks, fuel up, and head out on your chosen trip! Of course, any Massachusetts trip deserves a pit stop for oysters, history, and urban exploration in Boston. Use Beantown as the starting point or your trip, or use it to celebrate the culmination of your drive. Here at Copley Square Hotel, we are major fans of summertime road trips and have created the perfect getaway package for you to enjoy. Receive a $20 gas card, 18% off guest rooms and valet parking, as well as evening Wine Hour, morning coffee, and much more! You can book your summer getaway right here, right now!

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