Opt Outside This Winter in Boston, Here’s How!

winter in boston

One could argue that some of the most beautiful moments occur outdoors, during the winter, in Boston! Though temperatures may be chilly, the magic of the city remains ripe for enjoyment. Though there may not be quite as many outdoor-oriented activities as there are in the spring, summer, and fall, wintertime brings a new set of adventures and experiences to enjoy!

Winter in Boston is Fun!

Layering is the key to a successful outdoor rendezvous during the colder months. A warm winter coat, toasty boots, a cozy hat, and gloves will keep the heat in and the cold at bay for you to play around Boston! Whether you live in the city or intend to visit soon, here are a few of our favorite outdoor activities in Boston during the winter:

Ice Skating

winter in boston

There’s ice skating, and then there’s ice skating on the iconic Frog Pond. Whizzing around on ice in the middle of a big city is magical! Frog Pond is a popular place year round, but the frogs and ducks spend their winters elsewhere, leaving the frozen pond open for the humans to skate on. Frog Pond is located in the iconic Boston Common, which is a wonderful public park to stroll through before or after skating. Everything you need to skate you can rent or purchase at the rink.

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Going For a Stroll

Out of all the cities in our nation, Boston is undoubtedly one of the most walkable. There’s much to see, do, and take in as one strolls along the brick roads of Beacon Hill and the Back Bay. The aromas and picturesque shops along Newbury Street are so inviting.

Or, for the history buffs, the Freedom Trail in wintertime is exceptional. You’ll get all the history and stops to yourself on a self-guided walking tour. Normally a bit busy and popular during the other three seasons, you’ll find the Freedom Trail relatively vacant in winter. Going for a walk around the charming city is invigorating and fun in the winter. If it happens to snow while you’re visiting, bundle up and head outside for sure. Boston in the snow is breathtaking.

Bonus tip – you won’t have to work too hard to take a photo without anyone else in it in the winter, whereas its nigh on impossible to do so in the summer.

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winter in boston

Aside from walking in the snow, you can also sled in it! A popular winter pastime of locals and visitors alike is heading out after a solid snowfall and sledding down the urban hills! Boston Common is one of the more popular places to sled, but any snow covered hill in Boston will work just fine! You can purchase a plastic sled around town for less than $20.

The best part about spending some time outside during the winter in Boston? Heading back inside afterward, excited, happy, and ready for some delicious hot cocoa! Being inside is much cozier after some quality time spent outside, and few places are as inviting as Copley Square Hotel. Located in the heart of Boston right in Copley Square, the hotel is centrally located, historical, and stocked with hot chocolate!

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