Red Sox Do’s, Don’ts, and Facts You’ll Want to Know Before Visiting Boston!

It would be immensely challenging to assert which MLB Baseball team has the most dedicated and enthusiastic fans. Yet, without a doubt, Bostonians live and breathe the Red Sox. Out of all the MLB teams, Red Sox fans are definitely high on the list of most excitable fans.

Being one of the eldest MLB teams, the Red Sox have quite the illustrious history featuring a great many highs, lows, and everything in between.

Acquainting yourself with a bit of Red Sox history, facts, statistics, and culture will not only enhance your trip, but it might just win you the favor of the locals!

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No trip to Boston (during baseball season) is complete without watching at least one game at Fenway Park! It’s an absolute must. Spring and summer in Boston are seasons defined by the Red Sox, and for your enjoyment and use, we’ve got all the do’s, don’ts, and stats prepared:

Red Sox and Fenway Park DO’s:

Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time (But if You Forget, Don’t Sweat it)

Fenway Park is magical. Seriously, it’s a magical ballpark, and you’ll understand as soon as you approach it! As a result, though, tickets are popular! To ensure you get seats with a good view, we recommend purchasing them ahead of time. Yet, if you end up visiting last minute, or aren’t sure you can make it to a game but then you can, don’t worry! There are many ways to get tickets and Boston University lays out six strategies here.

Take the T

red sox and fenway park

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Riding the T is Boston thing, and riding the T to a game at Fenway park is equivalent to tailgating in many respects. You’ll be squeezed in with all the Red Sox fans donning all the gear. Also, not having to drive means being able to consume as many brewskies as desired.

Walking is also a great idea if you’re staying close enough!

Head to a Baseball Bar For Some Pre-Game Drinks and Culture

For most Bostonians, a trip to Fenway Park involves much more than the game itself. It’s a journey from the moment the Red Sox gear is donned, to the ride on the T, to the pre-game libations, the game itself, libations during the game, and the after-game celebrating and libations (depending on the result of the game of course). We recommend enjoying and participating in each step, especially the pre-game libations! There are plentiful baseball bars and restaurants, we recommend checking out:

  • The Baseball Tavern
  • Whiskey’s
  • Bleacher Bar
  • Lansdowne Pub
  • Cask ‘N Flagon
  • Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar

Stroll Along Yawkey Way Before the Game

Aside from eating and drinking at one of the baseball bars, the other popular pre-game activity is perusing the sights, sounds, and shops of Yawkey Way. Featuring an aesthetic background for your Insta pics, Yawkey Way is the place to go for Red Sox gear, sweet and savory treats, and even a bit of face painting.

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Red Sox and Fenway Park DON’TS:

Run on The Field

Though it may look tempting, running on the field will result in a takedown worse than anything seen during football season. Just don’t do it.

Don Yankee Gear – Supportive or Offensive

red sox and fenway parkThe Red Sox – Yankee rivalry runs deep, but whether you support the Yankees, or hate them, your safest bet is to leave that gear in your suitcase (or at home). For example, you might not be allowed into the stadium if you’re wearing something such as “Yankees suck” on your t-shirt. You will be let in for wearing Yankee attire, yet you won’t win any favors with the other game-goers. Basically, it’s a lose-lose either way.

Leave Your Seat When The Visiting Team is Batting

If you need to use the loo, grab a drink, or order food, it’s best to do it while the Red Sox are at bat. Obviously, Red Sox fans are not going to leave their seats when the Red Sox are at bat, which means if you do, the lines for everything will be shorter.

A Little Red Sox Trivia Goes a Long Way…

Being in the know about Boston’s pride and joy will make you feel included, and may just give you a few chatting points with whoever you meet on your trip.

  • The Red Sox have won eight World Series Championships
  • The Red Sox have played in 13 World Series Championships
  • Fenway Park has been the Red Sox home since 1912
  • Owner John I. Taylor named the team around 1908
  • Red Sox and fans have an intense rivalry with the New York Yankees
  • Fenway Park was designed by architect James McLaughlin
  • 1946 was when the first ever All-Star game was played – at Fenway Park!
  • The seats in Fenway Park are made out of Oakwood
  • Fenway Park is on the National Register of Historic Places
  • The Red Sox had an 86 year dry period of zero World Series wins. Many people attribute this to “The Curse of The Bambino.” The superstition arose when the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth (Bambino) to the New York Yankees, after which the Red Sox winning streak ended… for 86 years.

Alright, now you’re all set to visit Boston, take in a game at Fenway Park, and have an incredible experience! All that’s left to do is book your Boston accommodations. We believe everyone who visits Boston should get to experience the city life, and few neighborhoods exemplify Boston culture and entertainment better than the Back Bay. Not only is the Back Bay historical, beautiful, and exciting, but it’s also a mere mile from Fenway Park.

Book your stay at the elegant Copley Square Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay and enjoy a convenient walk, short T ride, or cheap Über to Fenway Park. Eat an extra Fenway Frank for us!

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