A Rivalry So Fierce It’s Nearly 100 Years Old, Examining The Red Sox and Yankees

red sox yankees rivalry

It’s no secret that there’s a fierce rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees, fans. Dating back to 1919, the rivalry is nearly 100 years old and is practically ingrained in the minds and hearts of the fans and communities of each team.

This rivalry is so famous that even non-baseball fans are aware of it. Despite being so well known, very few people are aware of how it came to be in the first place. How can it be that a century has passed and the passion still runs strong? What took place all those years ago? And what drives it today?

Everything You Need to Know About the Red Sox Yankees Rivalry

Harry Frazee Sold Babe Ruth

Let’s travel back to 1919. The Red Sox owner at the time, Harry Frazee, was in a bit of financial trouble and decided to sell Babe Ruth, who would go on to become one of history’s most accomplished players, to the Yankees for $125,000 to the dismay of the Red Sox fans. Babe Ruth began his baseball career in 1914 as a pitcher, and almost immediately began winning and setting records. Winning 67 games over the course of his first three seasons, Babe Ruth was a legend from the start.

Everything You Need to Know About the Red Sox Yankees Rivalry

Babe Ruth – Wikimedia

Curse of the Bambino

From our modern day vantage point, the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees sounds like a terrible move, right? It’s been said that Babe Ruth caused a lot of trouble for his team, drinking, gambling, spending time at Boston’s house of ill-repute despite being married. He would while away his pay, and, essentially, do whatever he pleased even if it meant skipping out on practice.

Babe Ruth was the star pitcher for the Red Sox, at the time, but it was becoming clear that he was a killer at hitting home runs. He was becoming famous and well-loved for his home run abilities, yet the Red Sox management wanted to keep him on the mound. Being in a new pay grade based on his abilities, Ruth began to demand more pay from the Red Sox, which the in-debt Harry Frazee was in no position to pay. The friction between Babe Ruth and the team was intensifying, and eventually, Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees. For the next few decades, the Yankees went on to win four world series and the Red Sox zero. Thus the Curse of the Bambino was born.

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Red Sox Fans Blame The Yankees

The Curse of the Bambino became the scapegoat for Red Sox fans. The sale of Babe Ruth was the reason the Red Sox could never win, according to Red Sox fans, and the Yankees became the ones blamed. The more world records Ruth went on to break, the more blame was placed on the curse.

Yankee Success

As time goes by and the Red Sox make it the World Series time and time again and lose, it all becomes more salt in the wound. The Yankees become the most successful team in baseball history, winning 26 World Series titles between 1919 and 2000, and produced countless Hall of Fame players.

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Families, Friends, Colleagues, All Divided

As you can imagine or may have experienced yourself, this baseball rivalry has affected people across the nation! Children who move away and become fans of the opposite team, colleagues from the two different cities, best friends who just happened to choose the wrong team. No one is safe; the rivalry divides everywhere! The good news is that the rivalry is all fun and games, and (mostly) enhances the spirit of the sport.

Everything You Need to Know About the Red Sox Yankees Rivalry

The Curse Was Broken

Finally, in 2004, the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series, followed by defeating the Cardinals in the 2004 world series. After 86 years the horrid curse that prevented the Red Sox from winning was finally lifted, but the fierce rivalry remains strong among many of the fans.

Experience The Rivalry Today

Though there are plenty of Red Sox and Yankees fans who’ve laid to rest the ancient rivalry, plenty more still enjoy perpetuating it. Attending a baseball game between the two iconic teams is an experience, to say the least, and one which you can have! Coming up in the very beginning of August the Red Sox will be playing at home, versus the Yankees, for four games:

  • Thursday 8/2 at 7:10 pm
  • Friday 8/3 at 7:10 pm
  • Saturday 8/4 at 4:05 pm
  • Sunday 8/5 at 8:05 pm

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