Resolve to Improve Your Business Travel Experience, Here Are Four Ways

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Easily implementable – two words that perfectly describe what a successful New Year’s Resolution should be. How many years have you set a well-intentioned resolution just to completely forget, ignore, or avoid it? Generally, that only happens when the resolution is too vague or challenging to implement. Grand sweeping gestures are fun to watch in a movie, but it’s the small habit changes on a daily basis that truly enhance our lives for the better. Especially when it comes to the lives of business travelers!

Business Travel Resolutions for 2018

Being on the road often throughout the year can be challenging. Yet, where there are challenges there are ways to improve and overcome. Knowing some of the challenges business travelers face, we’ve taken a spin on the classic “ideas for New Year’s Resolutions,” to bring you an enticing set of resolution options for the business traveler.

Savor Your Transit Time

business travel

Staring at social media or watching movies can be fun pastimes while on a plane or train, but what about meditating? How about listening to podcasts? Reading a book? If self-improvement and growth are important to you, a great resolution idea is to savor your transit time for self-growth! Especially if you spend hours on a plane or train, with no work to be done while traveling, think about how much you could learn just while traveling!

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Take Time For Transitions

This year, it’s time to give your sympathetic nervous system the chance to switch off and the parasympathetic to switch on. Though we may not have to stress about running for dear life away from a predator, there are plenty of other triggers to cause stress in our lives. Rushing is one of the main sympathetic nervous system triggers – our “fight or flight” response. The response that causes adrenaline to rise and the body to be in a state of reaction.

Resolve to take more time for transitions. Meaning, plan ahead to give yourself more time to get to a meeting from the airport. Give yourself more time at the airport before boarding. Any possible way you can create more space in your schedule, the more often you can mindfully de-stress, calm, move slower, and ultimately function much healthier!

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Explore and Enjoy


business travelWhether we’re happy or not is usually a choice. Especially when it comes to business travel, enjoying oneself and taking advantage of the opportunity is a choice! Consider resolving to enjoy your downtime during your business trips more this year. Try to schedule a half-day, evening, or even full-day to explore the area, head to a museum, do some window shopping or simply go for a stroll, etc. If you only ever have a few free hours at a time, get creative and see how much you can do or see regardless.

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Stay Fit While Traveling

One of the number one complaints when it comes to travel, any type of travel, is staying fit. Establishing routines and stocking healthy foods is challenging enough at home, let alone on the road, but don’t let the challenge dissuade you! If you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, you can absolutely maintain it while traveling for work, especially if you resolve to!

For starters, plan ahead and pack healthy snacks and meals for the flight. On the subject of snacks, we encourage you to make enough healthy snacks to last a few days! Needing a quick bite during a busy day is a recipe for junk-food, but if you’re prepared, you can avoid the sugar and carb load. Additionally, you can chat with your hotel ahead of time to find out what healthy lifestyle offerings they have. They may be able to whip up smoothies, provide energy bars, or prepare vegan meals, for example. It’s almost a guarantee your hotel will have a fitness room but also ask about running trails, yoga classes, or whatever other fitness modalities you enjoy.

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We hope one or more of our business traveler resolution ideas help to inspire you in the New Year! If the idea of setting a solid resolution is unappealing, consider changing the word resolution to intention. Rather than adding to your to-do list, you can just make simple shifts of your intention. Remember this – small changes on the daily make a more profound impact than attempting to make a grand change immediately.

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