Savory, Salty, and Sensual; 6 Delectable Back Bay Dining Establishments to Try

restaurants in copley square

Foodies be warned, Boston is teeming with delicious offerings. Whatever hopes you may have had about staying just a day or two will be squashed once you realize how many dishes are whispering sweet nothings to your taste buds

Restaurants in Copley Square

Highly rated eats can be found throughout most of Boston, but the highest concentration of devoted chefs and establishments are found in the Back Bay. The Back Bay is one of Boston’s classic neighborhoods; brownstone homes line the streets, Copley Square is nearby as well as Boston Common and the Public Garden.

You won’t have time to eat your way through every single one of Boston’s neighborhoods in a single trip, but you can make a dent in the Back Bay. From our inner chefs to yours, here are six of our top recommendations for food in Boston’s Back Bay.

No Choices; Utter Delight: Asta

Asta is incredibly unique, one of the few restaurants within Boston that offers only a tasting menu leaving patrons with little to no choices on what they eat. For dedicated food lovers, though, this is nothing short of exciting. Opt for the five or eight-course menu, and be prepared to feel mournful when one course is over. No need to drown in despair, your tastebuds will come alive again with the next course. 

restaurants in boston - oysters

Oysters in an Exquisite Setting: Select Oyster Bar

A food tour of Boston is never complete without oysters. The Back Bay has an array of oyster options, but our favorite is the Select Oyster Bar. Set in an enchanting townhouse, the menu offerings include oysters, blue prawns a la plancha, whole roasted sea bream, dressed lobster, and plenty more.

Italian Genius; A Trip to Eataly: Terra

For all things Italian, Eataly is the go-to spot. Within the multi-level Italian marketplace lies Terra, a delicious wood-grilled restaurant. Located on the 4th floor of Eataly, above the organized market chaos below, Terra is a slice of paradise. Make your way through the skewers, and if you still have more room, the entrees are the next stop. The usual Italian delights are also found on the menu and, true to form, they don’t disappoint.

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Sashimi and an Izakaya: UNI

Flavorful and luxurious sashimi is available alongside hot dishes such as wagyu beef dumplings, lobster fried rice, and shrimp tempura at the popular UNI. Truly, whichever Japanese dish you’re craving, UNI likely has it, yes even delicious bowls of ramen!

Chic, Sensual Seafood: Saltie Girl

Luxurious, seductive, seafood in abundance is the best way to describe the experience of dining at Saltie Girl. Menu adjustments are politely declined, there are no reservations, and the food is always made to order. The team behind Saltie Girl are experts at their craft and stand proudly behind their offerings. Enjoy a romantic evening filled with uni, caviar, chowder, tinned fish, fried clam bellies,  hot lobster rolls, and much more. Pro tip: grab a seat at the bar and get to work; the line is often long, and the establishment is small. 

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Wild Indulgence Southern Style: Buttermilk & Bourbon

There’s something incredibly indulgent about Southern food, could it be the butter? The emphasis on gluten delights? Or the affinity for fried everything? All of the above! Boston has a surprising amount of Southern food and among our favorite places is Buttermilk & Bourbon in the Back Bay. We recommend treating your tastebuds to deviled ham toast, suckling pig fries, buttermilk fried chicken, and beignets.

As you enjoy your self-guided food tour of Boston’s iconic Back Bay, please remember to drink plenty of water, take lots of naps, and savor each moment. Drinking water is simple, for nearby luxury accommodations intended for excellently napping, book your stay with us at Copley Square Hotel. As for savoring each moment, well the food will certainly help with that!

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