Seeking Seafood In Boston, Your Guide to The Best Sea-Inspired Eats

best boston seafood

So you’ve heard that Boston has excellent seafood? Well, it’s true. The real challenge in visiting Boston and heading out for seafood is knowing where to go. With an abundance of options, how to choose?

How can you be sure you’re tasting the best? You’ve traveled a long way, and you want to treat your palate to the most delectable sea-fare.

Our Tips for the Best Boston Seafood

It may come as a shock to hear, but there’s excellent seafood everywhere! The great news is that it isn’t hard to find delicious oysters, chowder, lobster and the like. However, we won’t hesitate to say that there are some establishments do it better than the rest. Here are our top Boston seafood picks:

Best Seafood in The Back Bay: Atlantic Fish

When picturing classic Boston, what one is imagining is the Back Bay. One of Boston’s most aesthetically pleasing neighborhoods with rows of brownstones, famous landmarks, plenty of dining and shopping and all within easy walking distance.

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The Back Bay is one of the most popular Boston areas to visit, and as such it can be overwhelming to figure out which seafood restaurant is best. Not to worry, we’ve got your covered. Our vote for best seafood is the Atlantic Fish Company, which you’ll find on Boylston Street. Not only is the food delicious, but the location is quaint and nestled in between other restaurants and shops with a precious patio out front you’ll enjoy in the spring and summer!

best boston seafood

Best Oysters: Neptune Oysters

Naturally, oysters are the creme de la creme of Boston seafood. Even if you’ve never had them, or someone in your party hasn’t, Boston is the place to try them! More specifically, Neptune Oyster in the North End is the place. Treat yourself to the raw bar where the freshest oysters, shellfish, and seafood cocktails await. Aside from the raw bar, there’s a vibrant menu offering everything from clam chowder to squid ink risotto. Also, the lobster roll is like no other.

Neptune is so mouth-watering delicious and popular, that reservations are not accepted.

best boston seafood

Even More Seafood Options

Although the above two are our favorites, we want you to have plenty of options, so other renowned establishments include:

– Row 34 in Fort Point
B & G Oysters in the South End
Saltie Girl on Dartmouth St.

Wherever your Boston seafood adventures take you, we know your palate will be pleased!

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