The 48th Annual Boston Pride is Nearly Here, Are You Ready?

boston pride 2018

The celebration of love feels as old as time itself, but the open and joyous celebration of gay pride is still a relatively recent phenomenon. This day in age the challenge lies not in if one can celebrate, but instead where one should celebrate.

Every major city across the U.S. features its own rendition of a gay pride parade and related festivities, but one could argue none are quite as joyful as the Boston Pride celebration. An early supporter of gay rights, Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage and featured the nation’s first openly gay state representative back in 1974.

Boston Pride 2018 Events & Tips

As you can imagine, gay pride runs deep through the veins of Massachusetts, and most especially, the city of Boston. Even though its a few weeks away, the city is abuzz with excitement for the upcoming 48th annual Boston Pride.

Flagship Events

Though there will be celebrations spanning a few weeks, there are a few main events, known as flagship events, that will draw the biggest crowds. We highly recommend attending the Boston Pride Festival, which is the main feature.

boston pride 2018

Here is a breakdown of every flagship event during Boston Pride:

Boston Pride Festival

Saturday, June 9th City Hall Plaza

11 am – 6 pm

Parade begins at 12 noon

Boston Pride Concert

Saturday, June 9th City Hall Plaza

12 noon – 6 pm

Boston Pride Youth Dance

Saturday, June 9th City Hall Plaza

6 – 10 pm

LUSH: Official Womxn Pride Party

Saturday, June 9th ICON Nightclub

9pm – 2am

Back Bay Block Party

Sunday, June 10 St James Ave

9 pm

JP Block Party

Sunday, June 10 Perkins St

2 – 8 pm

Pride Grand Finale

Sunday, June 10 The Grand

9 pm

boston pride 2018

Insider Tips

When it comes to attending Boston Pride, there are some definite do’s and don’ts. As mentioned, Boston is a city full of passionate gay pride participants and supporters, and each event is going to be packed.

-Don’t drive, take the “T” instead, it’s going to be packed, and parking will not be stress-free

-Do catch the parade at Charles Street so you can see it progress between the Boston Common and Public Garden, the ultimate Boston Pride viewing experience.

-Don’t wear too many layers; it’s going to be hot!

-Do dress eclectically and colorfully because it’s fun and everyone else will be too!

-Don’t plan on returning to work on Monday if you don’t have to; you’re going to want to sleep in after all that excitement.

-Do explore as many of the festivities as you can, each one is different and will introduce you to a different aspect of the LGBT community in Boston.

One last important consideration, stay near the main events of Boston Pride if you are coming from out of town. The city will be packed with people all weekend, and the less traveling you’ll need to do to get to and from the better! Since the Pride parade takes place in the Back Bay, we recommend staying in that iconic part of Boston.

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