The Red Sox Yankee Rivarly, Past, Present, and (dare we say…) Future

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There are sports rivalries, and then there’s the Red Sox Yankee rivalry. We’re talking a rivalry that has been going on for an actual century. 

The Red Sox Yankee Rivarly

Past: The History Behind the Rivalry

To fully understand the Rex Sox Yankees rivalry today, it helps to learn about its origin. Back in 1919, Harry Frazee, the owner of the team, sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $125,000. His decision was influenced by the financial woes he was experiencing at the time, yet it was a horrific mistake and one that changed the course of history for the Red Sox. Instead of being a winning team, the Red Sox plummeted into loser-ville, reaching the world series a mere four times between 1919 and 2004, with zero wins. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum were the Yankees who quickly became the most successful team in baseball. Between 1919 and 2000, they won 26 World Series titles. They produced many Hall of Fame players, including the iconic Mickey Mantle and Joe Dimaggio.

As you might imagine, the Red Sox team and fans were none too happy with Harry Frazee’s choice, and the rivalry grew fiercer as the century evolved. 

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Present: The Rivalry Today

The rivalry hasn’t changed much over the decades, and it’s all (mostly) in good fun. It’s a rivalry similar to Coke and Pepsi or Star Wars and Star Trek. Die-hard fans of either team won’t suffer conversation suggesting that the other team is better. You won’t find many examples of cross-team fan romance, and when it does happen, well we wish you the best of luck in navigating that.

red sox yankees rivalry

When you attend a Red Sox Yankees game, the main emotion you’ll feel is passion. As in, you’ll feel the passion the fans have for their teams, and you’ll hear some slurs, and read some “passionate” signs. Occasionally there will be a drunken brawl, but for the most part, the rivalry is all in good fun, and the fans behave.

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Future: Experiencing the Rivalry in Person

Sporting events will always have passionate and enthusiastic fans, just not all at the same level of intensity. You’d be hard-pressed to experience any sporting event with more energy and enthusiasm than a Red Sox Yankees game. The good news is that there are ample opportunities to experience this in real life. Whether you catch a game this ear, next year, or in a decade, chances are the passion and rivalry will still be strong.

red sox yankees rivalry

The great news is that there’s an opportunity to watch a game and experience the rivalry this weekend, on television. For the first time in MLB history, the MLB has crossed the pond and will be playing in London. This upcoming weekend, the Red Sox and the Yankees will face off for two games at the London Olympic Stadium. The first will take place on Saturday at 1 pm, airing on FOX, and the second game will take place on Sunday at 10 am, airing on ESPN.

This is a momentous occasion for the MLB, and for baseball in general. Though the game is played outside of the U.S., there are no other major baseball leagues within Europe. Out of all the MLB teams, why were the Red Sox and the Yankees chosen to play in London? Well, we can only assume it’s because of the infamous rivalry!

We know we can’t wait to root for the Red Sox as they beat the Yankees. We’ll be watching from the Red Sox hometown of course!

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