Bring Back The Romance of Train Travel on Your Next Trip to Boston

travel to boston by train

Flying through the air or zipping along the freeway in a car are the two most common ways of travel. At least, those are the two methods most of us consider when it comes to visiting new places.

Not too far back in our history, though, it was a different story. Just a few decades ago one of the most common forms of travel was via the train! Planes are fastest, driving is (usually) the cheapest, but by far trains are the most romantic and classical option.

Why Travel to Boston by Train? Let’s Explore

Riding trains has become a lost art, and we think it deserves a revival! So many destinations are within easy, affordable, and convenient reach using Amtrak.

Boston is one such destination, and we’ve got a few key reasons why it’s worth your while to head to Hub city via Amtrak instead of by car or plane.

No-Headache Travel

Sure, planes get us to destinations quick and painless (somewhat), but the whole experience of arriving and departing the airport is often time-consuming and headache-ridden. Did you forget to throw away your water bottle before going through security? Will you be squished in an economy seat? Do you get anxious and need to arrive 2-3 hours before your flight leaves? Is the airport fairly far outside the main city center of where you’re leaving from or arriving to? These are all challenges air travel poses, and we’re happy to announce train travel has none of these issues! With train travel you can:

  • Arrive a mere 10 minutes before the train is set to depart
  • Bring water, food, etc.
  • Bring more than 3 ounces of liquids
  • Have more leg room
  • Boston station is in the heart of the city
  • And much more!

Plan Your Boston Getaway

Amtrak and the Hynes Convention Center Are a Match-Made-in-Paradise

travel to boston by train - hynes convention center

Source: Signature Boston

The Hynes Convention Center is a huge draw to Boston. Offering hundreds of conventions a year, hundreds of thousands of people visit Boston to attend a convention. Many businesses send team members to the convention center to learn new industry-relevant information. An incredible array of topics are covered each year, everything from Neuroscience to Anime. Both the Hynes Convention Center and the Amtrak station are located in the Back Bay, a mere few blocks from one another. If you choose to travel by train for an upcoming convention, you’ll be pleased with how convenient traveling between the two places is! Not to mention the Back Bay itself has everything you need for an enjoyable trip – luxurious accommodations, plentiful dining options, and beautiful scenery.

Train Travel is Ideal For Business Trips

As we mentioned many people visit Boston for business-related events at the convention center. Once again, traveling by train from your destination to Boston will make life easy! Amtrak trains offer wifi on the train, so you can spend the entire journey getting things done, or relaxing with Netflix, etc. Also, it’s good to note – once you arrive in Boston on the train, you’ll be able to immediately depart – no waiting to exit the plane or for bags to arrive. Once you arrive, you’ll already be steps from the convention center, your accommodations, dining, and more. So you can immediately get going on whatever events you have planned for your trip.

Lands You in The Heart of Back Bay

travel to boston by trainAmtrak offers three convenient stations within Boston, one in the Back Bay, one in South Boston, and one in North Boston. The Back Bay station is our favorite, as it lands you in one of Boston’s most iconic and historic neighborhoods – the Back Bay. Having a car in the Back Bay is possible, but you’ll save time, money, and effort being car-less as you stroll over to your nearby hotel, check out the sights, and enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of the Back Bay. The Back Bay not only offers entertainment but also history! Boston is one of the most historical cities in our nation, and the Back Bay is a walk down memory lane. Visit Copley Square, gaze at the Victorian Brownstone Homes, tour historic Fenway Park, explore the Boston Library and more!

Now that you’re aware of one of the best ways to get to Boston, all that’s left is to discover where to stay! Of course, if you’re visiting Boston for the convention center, or just to explore the heart of Boston, then staying in the Back Bay is your best bet. Copley Square Hotel is elegant, inviting, and perfectly situated in the heart of the Back Bay. It’s within easy walking distance of the convention center, as well as Copley Square, Eataly, and a variety of other entertaining establishments.

To plan out your Amtrak journey, simply visit here!

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