Traveling Soon? Here are 7 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit on the Go

be fit on the go

November through the New Year is the grand finale of the year’s travels for many. Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve … the list of reasons to celebrate, travel, and eat all the delicious but oh-so-unhealthy things are abundant. Staying healthy and fit while traveling can be challenging any time of year, but even more so with the holidays mixed in. Challenging doesn’t mean impossible, though, and there are a plethora of quick and simple ways to stay fit and healthy while traveling!

Here’s How to be Fit on the Go

Prep For the Plane

If you know you’ll be flying often, it’s a smart move to prep for the plane rides. A great way to do this is to prep a plane package. This could be an arrangement of tea bags (for hydration and refreshment), healthy snacks such as carrots, celery, and hummus; good face wipes to protect your skin mid-flight and an eye-pillow for relaxation. Whichever goodies you think will keep you healthy will be great additions to your plane package.

Put a Hydration Reminder on Your Phone

Travel, especially on a plane, can be very dehydrating. Combat dehydration by putting a hydration remind on your phone to go off every hour or so. When you see it, drink some water! This will help keep your energy levels high, help you sleep soundly, and give you further protection from all the germs that will be circling.

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Consider Physical Fitness Options Ahead of Time

be fit on the goIf you have a fitness regimen you are accustomed to, there’s a good chance it won’t be disrupted if you plan ahead. For example, if daily yoga is your preferred mode of exercise, research where the closest yoga studio is. Invest in a travel mat (or borrow one from the studio), head to the studio, and ask if they have first-time student specials! If the studio option is a no-go, you can subscribe to an online teaching service ahead of time, such as One O Eight. For runners, research the nearby trails and for gym-goers make sure you book a hotel with a gym! The underlying principle is to plan ahead.

Avoid Mom’s Kitchen Cabinet (Stick to Fresh Foods)

One of the reasons the holiday travel season can be so unhealthy is because of the abundance of processed, sugar-rich foods and snacks. A great rule of thumb to eat by is fresh. Vegetables, fruits, salads, and nuts are all on the fresher side of the food chain and will give you nice clean, long-lasting energy. The more recently the food item was plucked from nature, the better. Mom’s kitchen cabinet of goodies is not the place you want to go hunting for food.

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Schedule Your Fitness Time

The chances of not adhering to a fitness regimen are greatly decreased if you pre-schedule the time in. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, committing a block of time to your schedule for fitness will set you up for success.

Research Healthy Food Venues

be fit on the goEveryone loves to catch up with friends over food or coffee during the holidays. Or for business travelers – get work done over food or coffee. Spend a little time researching if there are any juice-eries, health-focused cafes, or farm-to-table type restaurants in the area. Make a list of the options, and have them ready to go as suggestions when planning social or business rendezvous.

Opt For a Health-Minded Hotel

For many, holiday travel means staying with loved ones. For others, and for business travel, a hotel is often the accommodation venue. If you have control over which hotel to stay in, check out the fitness options at the hotels in the area. Choosing a hotel based on its fitness capabilities and offerings will also help you narrow down the options.

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