Heading to a Bruins Game? Quick, Learn These 7 Facts First

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So you’re planning a trip to Boston, and you’re considering attending a Bruins game. That is an excellent activity choice for your trip. The game is sure to be memorable and exciting, however, we think you’ll have even more enjoyable if you know a few fun facts about the Bruins beforehand!

What to Know Before You Watch the Boston Bruins

The Bruins are the oldest ice hockey team in the U.S.

This probably comes as no surprise, seeing as how Boston is among the oldest cities in the U.S. The Bruins got their start in 1924, and are one of the original six teams of the National Hockey League (NHL).

They set the record for single-season winning percentage

Way back in the 1929-30 season, the Bruins set a record for winning the most games in a single season with 38-6. This is a record that still stands today!

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The first black player in the NHL

The 1950s, the Bruins signed on Willi O’Ree, the first ever black hockey player in the NHL.

watch boston bruins

Six Stanley Cups have been won, so far

The Bruins are the proud winners of six Stanley Cup’s thus far, with the most recent being in 2011. It’s been a while since the last win and the fans are hoping this could be the year for the seventh win!

$15,000 later and the Bruins came into existence

Now, to many of us 15k is a nicely sized chunk of change, but enough to purchase an entire sports team? No way! Back in 1924, it is rumored that the NHL allowed Charles Adams, the father of the Bruins, to pay $15,000 to be awarded an NHL team. Under Charles Adams tutelage and passion, the Bruins became the first NHL team in the U.S.

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First Zamboni users

Anyone who’s ever gone ice skating as a kid probably remembers having to clamber off the ice from time to time so that the giant Zamboni machine could clean the ice. Cleaning the ice has never been easier since the invention of the Zamboni, and the Bruins were the very first team to utilize the large machines!

Jeremy Jacobs has owned the Bruins for 43 years

The owner of the Bruins is nearly as famous as the Bruins themselves. Jeremy Jacobs has owned the Bruins franchise for 43 years now and is fiercely loved and despised. It’s a long and complicated history, but the short of it is he’s critiqued for not spending enough money on the team. The team went a solid 29 years making it to the playoffs without ever winning, which further incensed fans against the owner. Regardless, Jacobs is forever woven into the thread of the Bruins and their colorful history.

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