How a Boutique Hotel Experience Will Enhance Your Vacation in Any Destination

boutique hotel vs chain

With more and more large, expansive, and chain-oriented hotels out there than ever before, the choices of where to stay on vacation are seemingly limitless. There are plenty of benefits that come with staying at a large or chain hotel, yet oftentimes, it’s the smaller boutique hotels that truly enhance a vacation. If you’re having a challenging time trying to decide between a boutique hotel or larger hotel, here are a few reasons why we recommend opting for the boutique hotel experience!

What is a Boutique Hotel and Why is it Better?

Encourage Guests to Go Off Property and Explore

Larger hotels need to offset the costs of being so large by encouraging guests to stay on property and spend more money. Boutique hotels, on the other hand, generally encourage guests to get out and explore the city. A boutique hotel is part of its city, not a separate entity. They are often located in the heart of the city or in a unique and beautiful part of the city, enticing guests to simply walk out of the front door and explore!

Copley Square Hotel. We Know Boston, Inside And Out.

Priceless Local Knowledge

boutique hotels vs chain hotelsDue to the nature of the boutique hotel being an integral part of the city it resides in, a boutique hotel team is a goldmine of city knowledge for your sifting! Not only can you ask general questions about how to go someplace or what to see and do, but you’ll get the insider version rather than the textbook tourist answers.

Everyone Will Know Your Name

At a boutique hotel, you aren’t just another anonymous guest. When staying at a boutique hotel, you can expect the team members to call you by your name after meeting you initially. You can also expect every team member will work diligently to ensure your stay is personalized and that all of your needs are met.

Small Details Encourage Community

A big part of what sets a boutique hotel apart from a larger hotel or hotel chain is its ability, and desire, to create a sense of community. Many boutique hotels will forgo having coffee makers in the room, for example, in order to encourage guests to gather in the lobby or breakfast room together.

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More Intimate and Personal Experience

As we’ve mentioned briefly, while staying at a boutique hotel you’re going to get a more personal experience overall. Not only is this the goal and purpose of the boutique hotel team, but it’s also easier to do from a logical standpoint – boutique hotels are smaller. Getting around the hotel, in general, is easier and quicker when it’s smaller.

Rather than calling the front desk, you might feel more inclined to stroll down a flight of stairs or two or take the quaint elevator to ask yourself. Of if you do choose to call down, you can bet your new toothbrush will arrive within minutes of calling since your room won’t be terribly far from the front desk.

Feels More Like Home Away From Home

what is a boutique hotelBoutique hotels, in many ways, feel just like home but with extra amenities and assistance. The decor and ambiance will make you feel comfortable, invited, and ready to kick up your feet, even outside of your room. The smaller more intimate environment means your face and name will be known, and you may even recognize and chat with some of the other guests over the course of your stay. Rather than everyone going about their day separately, you may find that guests and team members socialize more, engage more, and even form friendships.

Fascinating History!

This may well be one of our favorite reasons to stay at a Boutique Hotel – the history! Of course, not every boutique hotel is historical or is located within a historical building, but many are! Even if you are only staying a few nights, undoubtedly you’ll be able to learn about, experience, and explore the hotel’s history. Likely the hotel’s history is also part of the city or town’s history as well!

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Tailored Stay

Boutique hotels work hard to ensure every guest stay is as personalized as possible. Don’t be surprised if you are asked your favorite colors, foods, activities and more. It’s also likely that if you ever return to the same boutique hotel you can expect an even more personalized experience!

Personalization, history, your own personal destination guides, and so many more reasons combine to make boutique hotels the clear choice for your next getaway! We hope you find the perfect boutique hotel no matter where you may venture too.

If it just so happens Boston is your next destination, you can have the opportunity to stay in one of the most charming, luxurious, and historical boutique hotels in Boston – Copley Square Hotel. Located steps from the iconic Copley Square in the exciting Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, Copley Square Hotel embodies every positive reason to stay in a boutique hotel and will surely enhance your Boston experience!

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