5 Wonderfully Delicious Reasons Wine is a Winner

benefits of wine copley square hotel

Often, as we transition from young adults to adults, we are given many explanations about the way things work. One such explanation is that alcohol is something enjoyable, but not particularly healthy. That’s rather disappointing news considering drinking plays a significant role in our culture.

Benefits of Wine

We are thrilled to offer you a new interpretation on this topic; wine is known to have some benefits, and that drinking a little bit every day might be great for your health. Wine is a winner it seems, and without further ado, here’s why: 

1.Wine Contains Antioxidants

Protecting yourself against the free radicals that are known to cause cancer is key. One such way is by drinking wine, which, apparently, has antioxidants that fight off free radicals. 

2. Boosts Immune System (when consumed sparingly)

A small glass of wine gives your immune system a boost, which is great. Consuming copious amounts of wine though, reverses those benefits substantially, though.

3. Protects Your Bones

Remember all of the milk adds purporting the necessity of drinking milk for the calcium? We do too and it turns out that wine is also supportive of bone density! Red wine has silicon, which increases bone density.

benefits of wine copley square hotel
Photo taken in Catania, Italy

4. Preserves Your Brain Functionality

Drinking a small amount of wine can help keep your brain’s neurons alive and thriving. This helps protect your brain from dementia or slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

5. Supports a Long and Healthy Life

The Mediterranean diet as long been celebrated as one of the healthiest, largely based off of the long, healthy life spans of the average resident. If you take a look at the diet outside of the cuisine components, you’ll notice a theme: daily wine intake. Wine contains resveratrol, which has been found to activate a protein that behaves in an anti-aging function.

Ok, folks, the jury is in, and the result is to drink a little bit of wine every day. Somehow, we’ve always intuitively known wine is a  winning choice, which is why we host a Wine Down every single evening. Yes, during your stay at Copley Square Hotel, you can enjoy a glass of wine, red or white, in our hotel Living Room every day at 5 pm.

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Let’s all raise a glass and toast to the magnificence of wine and to our health and longevity!

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